"Submarine Press-fitting Mechanical Pipe Couplings" Awarded the Only Grand Prize

"Submarine Press-fitting Mechanical Pipe Couplings" Awarded the Only Grand Prize

On September 23rd and 24th, 2017, the fourth Petroleum Equipment Innovative Design Competition For China Postgraduate was held at Northeast Petroleum University. HEU teams were awarded the only grand prize, one first prize, three second prizes and three third prizes. HEU was also awarded the "Excellent Organization Prize". These have been the best results ever since the inaugural competition.

Instructed by Professor WANG Liquan from College of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, the work, Submarine Press-fitting Mechanical Pipe Couplings, of the group consisting of four graduates including LI Zhenyu, WEI Zongliang, ZHANG Sen and ZHOU Jian stood out and won the only grand prize. The project was completed under the financial support of the National Natural Science Foundation of China. It can quickly connect, be finely sealed, and has low costs and wide application ranges, which is a breakthrough of multiple techniques and has reached the international advanced level. Based on this project, the group has published many papers in SCI and obtained several granted patents. At present, the work has completed a lot of prototype experiments, and will enter a new stage of industrialization development.

The competition was divided into the oil equipment group and the mechanical innovation group. 1,240 groups from 48 competitive units all over the country took part in the competition. Among them, 204 groups successfully qualified for the national finals.  

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