HEU's 2nd International Cultural Festival Kicks off

HEU's 2nd International Cultural Festival Kicks off

On September 24, 2017, the 2nd HEU International Cultural Festival got off to a spectacular start at the south stadium. The event was organized under the theme of Sharing Friendship with Our International Partners. About 10,000 people participated, including officers from Heilongjiang Provincial Department of Education and brother universities, colleagues and HEU's Chinese and foreign students.


Vice President ZHANG Zhijian addressed at the opening ceremony. He said that HEU focuses on cultural exchanges and dissemination to increase cultural identity and connections. At the festival, HEU built a platform for HEU and brother institutions to make international exchange and create an open and inclusive campus, and it will further promote the development of international education in China.


The Festival included various activities such as stage performances, A Bite of the World, exhibitions, and collecting stamps.


Stage performances warmed up the whole event. Students from more than 20 countries brought a wonderful cultural feast to the audience. Their exotic songs, dances and musical instrument performances were rich in cultural color and let the audience experience the world without stepping out of the school. In the event A Bite of the World, each booth prepared ethnic food from their home countries. This was an incredible food journey for everyone.

At the exhibition area, students coming from 50 countries or regions set up their booths with pictures, posters, videos and items to show their own national cultures. The exhibition was bustling with those who tried on national clothing, took photos, tasted a variety of food, or danced happily. There were even more people looking forward to waiting for the pass to collect stamps as an exchange for souvenirs. Many people were eager to collect as many stamps as possible.


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