Panel of Engineering Education Accreditation Association for Information Security Inspected HEU

Panel of Engineering Education Accreditation Association for Information Security Inspected HEU

On September 25 and 26, 2017, the panel of China Engineering Education Accreditation Association (CEEAA), led by Professor GUI Xiaolin of Xi'an Jiaotong University, inspected the information security major in the College of National Secrecy. Vice President WU Linzhi attended the first meeting and the feedback meeting.

In the first meeting of information security accreditation, the panel listened to the report of HEU's running school and the status quo of specialty construction and addressed inquiries on the issues of concern. The heads of College of Computer Science and Technology, Undergraduate School and related administration offices, along with several Academic Assistant Dean and faculty members, attended the meeting.

After the inspection, the panel highly appreciated the work that had been done by the information security on student development major, cultivation objectives, graduate requirements, curricula system, consistent improvement, faculty member team, and support condition. Meanwhile, the panel proposed specific opinions and rectification suggestions on the linking between public and professional courses, data-based library resources and the problem-solving capabilities of complicated matters in the information security major. The head of the major and leaders of HEU gave their response to the opinions.

WU Linzhi thanked experts for their suggestions. He mentioned that HEU will stick to the objectives of specialty construction, strengthen the innovation building, continue to invest in teaching and improving the level of education continuously, and promote the school-running capability and its competitiveness.

The accreditation for the information security major is student-oriented, aimed at compacting the major's characteristics and broadening the methods of teaching and research. It has positive practical significance for improving the outcomes of construction. The information security major will make an overall plan for the preparation of the follow-up accreditation.

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