HEU Wins Three First Prizes in the 2017 Science and Technology Awards

HEU Wins Three First Prizes in the 2017 Science and Technology Awards

Recently, the results of the 2017 science and technology awards of Heilongjiang province were announced, and there were 273 winning projects. Seventeen projects from HEU won awards, including three first prizes, nine second prizes and five third prizes, among which the number of first-prize winning projects this year tied with HEU's best record in history.

The project, Vibration Noise Prediction and Control Technology of Ship and Offshore Platform, led by associate professor PANG Fuzhen, and Air Quality Assurance Technology Under High Salt, High Sand, Low Temperature and High Rainfall Environment, led by professor SUN Haiou, won first prizes in scientific and technological progress. The project, Study on the Construction and Anti-tumor Properties of the Conversion Materials on Rare Earth, led by professor YANG Piaoping, won first prize in natural science, which further highlighted the influence of HEU's ship and Marine engineering discipline.

According to the official announcement, in 2017, Heilongjiang province recommended 429 projects to compete for the science and technology award. Out of the 273 award-winning projects, there were 79 projects of natural sciences, 23 of technical inventions and 171 of scientific and technological progress.

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