Two Laboratories of HEU Selected as MIIT Key Laboratories

Recently, the list for the 2017 Key Laboratories of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) was announced, and two key laboratories of HEU are on the list: Marine Information Acquisition and Security Laboratory and Polar Equipment Technology Laboratory. It has become another great achievement for HEU in the fields of building marine information and shipbuilding.

HEU's Marine Information Acquisition and Security Laboratory research falls broadly into the following categories:

Marine information transmission technology

Marine big data technology and application

Marine information security  

Marine sensors  

HEU's Polar Equipment Technology Laboratory research falls broadly into the following categories:

Polar environment and load forecasting technology

Polar equipment structure and motion performance prediction technology

Technology for the adaptability of equipment in polar environment

Polar communications

Navigation and detection technology


As China's largest talent training base in marine information discipline,   HEU's College of Underwater Acoustic Engineering has always been developing and expanding its subject groups with an international perspective and inclusive mind to contribute to China's "Marine Power" and "One Belt and One Road" strategies. In September of 2017, the National Symposium on Acoustics was held at HEU. The Collaborative Innovation Center for Marine Information Acquisition and Security was officially launched to support China's marine industry. Polar science and engineering was identified as one of HEU's top ten key development directions at the end of 2015. On January 17, 2016, the Polar Science and Engineering Research Center was formally established under HEU's Research Institute of Advanced Technology on Shipbuilding and Marine Engineering. The center researches seven areas: polar overall design, polar navigation, polar communication, polar acoustics, polar deck machinery, polar power, and polar materials.


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