HEU Reached Preliminary Cooperation Intention with the Polar Research Institute of China

On October 27, 2017, the deputy director of Polar Research Institute of China, SUN Bo, and a delegation of four people visited HEU. President YAO Yu and Vice President HAN Duanfeng met with the delegation and reached a preliminary intention of cooperation with the institute on fields of the polar ice breaker hovercraft, underwater acoustic communication, polar anti-corrosive material as well as academic exchange.

During the meeting, President YAO introduced the history and the development situation, and the research achievements of HEU's Polar Science and Engineering Research Center. He hopes that the two sides can carry-out in-depth cooperation in science and technology, personnel and academic exchanges in the field of polar science, and can establish a mutually beneficial partnership to jointly promote the further development of national polar research, and to make greater contributions to the implementation of the maritime power strategy of China.

Vice President HAN said that HEU had conducted a systematic layout and construction on polar vessels, under ice communications, polar navigation, polar communications and polar materials, which can  provide technical support for China's polar equipment. He hopes that both sides can use their respective expertise in fields of polar science, polar navigation, and polar resource development, and strengthen our cooperation in scientific research and academic exchanges to promote the development of our national polar industry.

Deputy director SUN gave his affirmation to HEU's research achievement and the discipline layout in polar science. He said that HEU has strong technical reserves and high level personnel in fields of polar marine and underwater acoustic and communications, so the Polar Research Institute of China has a great opportunity to work with HEU. He hoped that both sides will carry out all-round cooperation and communication in fields of polar equipment, such as polar icebreaker, polar AUV, polar communication and polar materials, and can make greater contributions to China's active participation in international polar affairs as well as safeguarding national security and interests.

The delegation visited the Underwater Robot Technology Key Laboratory, the Water Acoustic Technology Key Laboratory, Key Laboratory of National Defense on Ship Navigation and Control, and the Monument of the former site of Armored Forces Engineering Department of Harbin Military Industry University.

The Polar Research Institute of China is the only specialized institution in polar scientific research and protection. The institute is in charge of the operation and management of Xue Long, a polar research ship, Antarctic Great Wall station, Zhongshan station and domestic bases as well as the logistical support of China's polar expedition teams and the international communication and support of the polar expedition conditions guarantee. The institute has made important theoretical and technical achievements in some basic research and application fields of Polar Science which met the national demand for polar expedition and solved many frontier scientific issues on Polar Science. In addition, it has made great contributions to the protection of China's polar interests and the construction of the national economy.

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