HEU Retired Professor LI Guobin Wins "China Association of Senior Scientists and Technicians" Award


Recently, a retired HEU professor, LI Guobin, won the "China Association of Senior Scientists and Technicians" award. This is the first time our senior scientists and technicians have won national awards.


There are a total of 176 winners of the 2017 CASST award- among whom six are from the Heilongjiang Province. The award was established by the Sixth Council of CASST, and it is meant to praise senior scientists and technicians and organizations that have actively explored, made innovative efforts and outstanding contributions in the process of innovation-driven development. This year's award is the second of these awards.


Professor LI was former vice president of HEU and a doctoral tutor. He graduated from the the Chinese People's Liberation Army Military Engineering Institute. He remained on the school staff after graduation and engaged in research and study. From 1965 to 2007, especially after retirement, he participated in the development of the ship fin stabilizer. He was awarded the National Science Conference award, second prize for the national science and technology progress, and third prize for a provincial and ministerial award.

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