Ministry of Education Expert Group Reviewed the Undergraduate Teaching Work of HEU


From October 30 to November 2, 2017, a Ministry of Education expert group arrived at our school to review the undergraduate teaching work first-hand.Group members included: leader, Wang Shuguo, the president of Xi'an Jiaotong University, deputy deader of group, Zhan Yong, former President of Hebei University of Technology , Meng Qingguo,former Party Secretary of Tianjin Vocational and Technical Teachers College, Li Hezhang ,Vice President of Beijing Institute of Technology,Zhang Yun,Vice President of Guangdong University of Technology Zheng Qingchun, Vice President of Tianjin University of Technology, Chen Jianxin, Director of Teaching Quality Management and Assessment Center of Fudan University, Yi Shuping, President of Chongqing University Press, Jiang Guangfeng, Director of Personnel Department of Beijing University of Chemical Technology, Huang Jie, Dean of Academic Affairs of East China University of Science and Technology. Ruan Boxing, from the evaluation center of the Ministry of Education, served as the project manager, Wang Jun from the Beijing Institute of Education and Science, and Zhang Shihong from Xi'an Electronic and Science University as secretaries.


On October 30, an expert meeting was held at Teacher Salon on the fourth floor of the QiHang Activity Center. All members of the expert group, Education Department of Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of People's Republic of China, the relevant leaders of the Provincial Department of Education, school leaders, the president's assistant, and the chairman of the Educational Supervision Committee attended the meeting.


Gu Huanmin, Party Secretary on behalf of HEU, welcomed the expert group and expressed thanks. He said that HEU has been focusing on the fundamental task of the high values establishment and people cultivation. Additionally,HEU considered and actively explored the questions of what kind of university should be run and what kind of people should be trained. HEU firmly established the center of talents training and elite education, making a series of gratifying achievements. He hopes that the expert group can find out the crucial reasons for the undergraduate teaching work of the school and give guidance to it. HEU will take this review as an opportunity to find the direction and path for comprehensively upgrading its personnel training capabilities in the new situation which can provide a firm guarantee for the implementation of the fundamental tasks of the high values establishment and people cultivation and the promotion of "double-top-class" construction.


President Yao Yu gave a complementary report from four aspects including the general situation at HEU,target position, the effectiveness of the move and thinking of the next step. He pointed out that the review is a high level physical examination for the school. Experts' assessment of the schools is a comprehensive diagnosis for the teaching work of the undergraduate education. The school will take an active look, at the pragmatic style of work, cooperating with experts fully to do all the work of this review, and carefully listening to the valuable comments and suggestions made by experts, continuously improving the quality of talents training.


After the meeting, experts group inspected the Innovative Cubic of Innovative Tank, the PLA Military Engineering Institute Memorial and the National Experimental Teaching Demonstration Center of Ship Power Technology.


Wang Shuguo, on behalf of the expert group, delivered feedback about HEU. He said that Harbin Engineering University has always taken the high values establishment and cultivating people as its fundamental task, firmly establishing its position as a talent training center, specifying its goal of talents training. The orientation of running is in line with the needs of national development, national defense, economic and social development. The construction of the teaching staff and better teaching resources guarantee the undergraduate teaching work needs, establishing an effective operation system of teaching quality assurance. The employment of students is of high quality and the satisfaction of employers is high. A large number of high-level talents and students are trained for the country. Cultivation and training objectives have been met at a high degree.


Hao Lisun, researcher of the Education Department of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of People's Republic of China, on behalf of the Education Department, gave a speech. He hopes that the school will take this review as an opportunity to further study and implement the spirit of the 19 National Congress of the Communist Party of China, further strengthen the centrality of talents training, deepen the reform in education and teaching, strengthen the characteristics, expand the advantages, foster new growth points; face the problems, pay close attention to the rectification and reform, and promote all-round development of  school education by improving the quality of teaching in the undergraduate level.


Jiang Tonghe, the deputy director of the Heilongjiang Provincial Department of Education, on behalf of the Provincial Department of Education, thanked the experts for their hard work. He pointed out that the expert group spoke highly of the school's running level. Additionally, the expert group gave a high evaluation of the university's practices. Combined with the national "double first-class" construction and running of the engineering university, these opinions have a great influence on the improvement level of engineering universities, and they also serve as an important guide and reference significance for Heilongjiang Province to build a strong province for higher education. He hopes that HEU will continue to carry forward the fine tradition of the PLA Military Engineering Institute, speeding up the construction of double-top-class, and use the suggestions of expert group to better serve the economic and social development of HeiLongjiang Province.


He pointed out that the expert group gave a high evaluation of the school running level. Combined with the national "double first class" construction and the actual running of the Engineering University, we gave the "good recipe" for improving our school running. These opinions are of great significance not only to the improvement of the school level in the Engineering University, but also to the construction of the strong province of higher education in Heilongjiang.


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