1st CIECC & HEU Sci-tech SME Development Forum Held at HEU

From November 16 to 18, 2017, the 1st CIECC & HEU Sci-tech SME Development Forum was held at HEU's Qihang Center. It was co-organized by the China International Engineering Consulting Corporation (CIECC), and HEU's China Manufacturing and National Security Industry Research Institute.

YAN Shiji, the director of the Policy and Regulation Department, Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT), CAO Hongwei, the director of the Small and Medium Enterprise Bureau, MIIT, XIA Guihua, HEU's deputy party secretary, and YAN Rujian, HEU's assistant president attended the forum. Managers and technical staff of over twenty science and technology enterprises and institutions gave special reports and discussions. WU Boyi, assistant general manager and director of thr High Technology Consulting Center of CIECC presided over the meeting.


Mr. XIA welcomed all the leaders and counterparts on behalf of HEU and briefed everyone on HEU��s basic situation. He pointed out that small and medium-sized science and technology enterprises (SME) are playing a key role in China's national economy and social development; to promote the development of SMEs is an important foundation for the national economy. This forum aims at exchanging and analyzing the experience of Sci-tech SMEs, summarizing their problems, discussing the establishment of development association of Sci-tech SMEs, and building an environment conducive to their sound and sustainable development. Finally, Mr XIA expressed his thanks to MIIT��s Policy and Regulation Department, Small and Medium Enterprise Bureau, CIECC for their guidance and help over years and wished the forum a complete success.


In Mr YAN's speech, he expressed hope that the Sci-tech SME forum will be a long term activity as well as a platform to explore an effective, orderly and efficient enterprise management mode, which will enhance the cooperation among society, enterprises and teams. Additionally, the forum is a great way to improve the development and innovation of Sci-tech SMEs and provide management departments with intellectual support.

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