HEU Hosts the Launching Ceremony of the 11th China Patent Week in Heilongjiang Province

The launching ceremony of the 11th China Patent Week in Heilongjiang Province was held at the lecture hall in HEU's library.


The theme was to fully implement the spirit of the19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China and strengthen creation, protection and application of the intellectual property rights. China Patent Week aimed to lead the public further toward emphasizing intellectual property rights and motivating the spirit of innovation and entrepreneurship. The Heilongjiang Intellectual Property Office, the Harbin Intellectual Property Office and HEU held the launching ceremony of this year's China Patent Week. The deputy director of Heilongjiang Intellectual Property Office, MA Feng, the deputy director of Harbin Science and Technology Bureau. HONG Guangguo, and the vice president of HEU, HAN Duanfeng, attended this ceremony. Two experts on intellectual property rights gave special reports.


Vice President HAN Duanfeng welcomed the leaders and colleagues attending the forum, and he introduced the basic situation concerning intellectual property rights work in HEU. He pointed out that the19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China and the 12th Congress in Heilongjiang Province emphasized that the intellectual property rights work plays a crucial role in the process of knowledge innovation in order to implement an innovation-driven development strategy. He said that HEU will fully implement the 13th Five-Year Plan for the Protection and Application of Intellectual Property Right in Heilongjiang Province and has taken on the responsibility for service toward local economic development. He also said that HEU will further promote the transfer and transformation of intellectual property rights, promote industrialization and commercialization of research achievements, create enterprises of "Harbin Shipbuilding" series into the main source of new enterprises, new tax sources and new industry in the high-end equipment field of Harbin City, give back to society, make greater contributions to promoting the regional economic development, and make efforts for continuous prosperity of the intellectual property right enterprise in Heilongjiang Province.                               


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