HEU's Latest Scientific Achievements Showcased at Marintec China 2017

Twenty-seven of the latest marine technology of HEU was showcased, including a ship structure stress monitoring and evaluation system, marine emergency evacuation system, the unmanned surface vehicle "Tian Xing I", sea cucumber fishing submersible, efficient special welding robot, advanced water jet propulsion pump, intelligent dual fuel engine control system, green smart energy-efficient ship, Beidou / GNSS high-precision positioning system, and full speed fin stabilizer control system. LUO Wen, Vice Minister of MIIT, visited HEU's booth and was accompanied by school leaders XIA Guihua, YAO Limin and HAN Duanfeng.


HEU expanded its exhibition booth more than double that of the previous session, and over 200 teachers participated. Four high-tech companies shared by HEU and its Qingdao Ship Science and Technology Park also showcased at the exhibition with their newest scientific achievements. The companies included Harbin Ship Technology Co., Ltd., Harbin Hatran Navigation Technology Co., Ltd., Harbin Ship Power Technology Co., Ltd., and the Harbin Engineering University Ship Equipment & Technology Co., Ltd. The aim is to build the "Harbin Engineering University" brand, which received a lot of attention. CCTV interviewed our school faculty. HEU conducted an intuitive, all-round display of its technological achievements through vivid display panels, looping live video, and real or model products. Over 50,000 professionals visited HEU's booth and reached over a hundred preliminary cooperation intentions. In addition, outstanding students also showed themselves in the Maker Zone of this exhibition.

Closely linked with the highlight of smart shipping, on Dec. 5, 2017, HEU and NO. 702 Institute of the China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation officially launched the world's first numerical pool. China Classification Society issued an approval certificate to the Harbin Engineering University Ship Equipment & Technology Co., Ltd. for its ship positioning system. At the same time, HEU further strengthened its cooperation with "big institutes, manufacturers and research centers" in China. On Dec. 4, the China Smart Ship Innovation Alliance was set up in Shanghai; HEU became one of the members, and Deputy Party Secretary XIA Guihua attended the founding meeting. On Dec. 5, Shanghai Marine Engineering Equipment Manufacturing Innovation Center Co., Ltd. was established. HEU is one of its investing units, and vice president HAN Duanfeng attended the signing ceremony of the investment agreement.



The relevant person in charge pointed out that at the previous Maritime Exhibition, HEU made a comprehensive display of its scientific research capabilities; however,at Marintec 2017 HEU focusedmarket demands and applications, so most of its exhibitions were the latest high-tech maritime technologies which have initially completed the conversion of their achievements, and are developing towards a mature market application stage. The three independent high-tech companies established by HEU in 2015 set up their own independent booths. Some of the small high-tech companies established in 2016 also attended the show, revealing their ambitions toward a broader international and domestic market. Through the close exchange and communication with "big institutes, manufacturers and research centers" and the top professional institutions at Marintec China during 2017, HEU has further clarified its development orientation toward an industry-typed university, and promoted its action of constructing a "double-first-rate" school in its three-year plan.


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