Shanghai Alumni Association 10th Anniversary Celebration Held

Shanghai Alumni Association 10th Anniversary Celebration Held


The Shanghai Chapter of HEU's Alumni Association held its "Shanghai Concensus" conference on December 10. More than 350 alumni and alumni association representatives attended the conference. HEU Vice President ZHANG Zhijian attended the meeting and presented letters of appointment to the Shanghai Alumni Association staff organization.


Shanghai Alumni Association President YANG Zheng delivered a welcome speech, thanking the alma mater HEU and the community for supporting the establishment of the alumni association and the development of alumni for many years.


HEU Vice President ZHANG extended cordial greetings to the assembled alumni on behalf of the university. He fully affirmed the accomplishments of alumni in all walks of life and thanked the alumni for winning a proud social standing for their alma mater, stating that he hoped that alumni, as always, support the development of HEU and strengthen cooperation and exchange with HEU. He also welcomed alumni to go back to visit their alma mater.


With the theme of "The 10th Anniversary, Our Story", Secretary-General XUE Tianhong summarized the 10th anniversary of the Shanghai Alumni Association and reported on the future development plan.


In order to better conduct alumni work and give full play to the roles of alumni associations in promoting the development of HEU, the Shanghai Alumni Association and the Alumni Business Alliance advocate and advance Heart of Our Alma Mater: Heritage and Progress as the theme of the "Shanghai Consensus." The Alumni Association General Secretary LIU Wenxuan read the "Shanghai Consensus" covering 14 items in three areas: "a heart-centered school, shared development and transmission of culture".


During the meeting, alumni representatives from different places expressed their support for the celebration. Alumni self-compiled and self-directed programs marked the climax.

The congress ended with the singing of alumni congress song, "The Sea Testifies".


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