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    College of Aerospace and Civil Engineering

    Weiguang An

    Research Field: Reliability and Optimization Design, Ultra-High Speed Moving Under Water, Aircraft Design

    E-mail:  anweiguang@hrbeu.edu.cn


    Ye Gao

    Research Field: Vehicle Space Motion; Solid Rocket Engine; Combustion and Flow; Supercavitation Technology and Ultra-High Speed Moving Under Water; Building Fire, Building Environment Engineering, Wind Engineering

    E-mail:  gaoye66@126.com


    Weibing Zhu

    Research Field: Numerical Calculation of Combustion, Heat Transfer and Fluid Flow, Multiphase Fluid Dynamics

    E-mail:  chuanyuan202@163.com


    Guangping Zou

    Research Field: Structure Design and Evaluation of Lightweight Materials, Experimental Mechanics

    E-mail:  zouguangping@hrbeu.edu.cn


    Baitao Sun

    Research Field: Earthquake Engineering, Earthquake Disaster Prevention, Disaster Assessment and Disaster Emergency Rescue, Safety Appraisal of Buildings in Seismic Field, Seismic Damage Prediction, Seismic Response Analysis of Special Structure

    E-mail:  sunbt@iem.net.cn



    Research Field: Fire Model Research, Water Spray System, Aerodynamics, Building Energy and Environment

    E-mail:  wan-ki.chow@polyu.edu.hk


    Zhenqing Wang

    Research Field: Elastic-Plastic Fracture Mechanics of Materials; Fire Mechanics; Hypersonic Aerodynamics; Mechanics of Composite Materials

    E-mail:  wangzhenqing@hrbeu.edu.cn


    Hui Qi

    Research FieldStrength and Failure of Materials, Elastic Wave Theory and Application

    E-mail:  qihui205@sina.com


    Weidong Chen

    Research Field:  Structural Reliability and Optimization Design, Flight Mechanics, Mechanics of Explosion

    E-mail:  chenweidong@hrbeu.edu.cn


    Tianshu Song

    Research Field: Mechanical and Electric Coupling Dynamic Characteristics of Piezoelectric Solid Material Containing Defects, Elastic Wave Theory and Application

    E-mail:  songts@126.com


    Zailin Yang

    Research Field: Elastic Wave Theory and Application, Structural Health Diagnosis

    E-mail:  yangzailin@hrbeu.edu.cn


    Limin Zhou

    Research Field: Interface Engineering of Composite Materials, Large Composite Structures Reinforced Technology and Optical Fiber Sensor Monitoring Technology, Intelligent Composite Material Driven by Shape Memory Alloy, Application of Memory Alloy in Engineering

    E-mail:  mmlmzhou@polyu.edu.hk


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