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    College of Automation


    Chen Hongli

    System Engineering Institute

    E-mail:chenhongli @hrbeu.edu.cn

    Research fields: Random signal analysis and processing including estimation, filtering and control on stochastic systems; Multi sensors information fusion and intelligent information processing; Advanced control theory and application; Complex system modeling; Prediction and forecast; Analysis and decision-making.  


    Cong Wang

    Electrical Engineering Institute


    Research fields: Shipboard Power System, Electric Propulsion, Industrial Automation, Computer Control


    Ding Fuguang

    Sea Assembly and Control Technology Institute

    E-mail: dingfuguang@hrbeu.edu.cn

    Research fields: Ship dynamic positioning, air cushion vehicle automatic operation and control


    Feng Weixing

    Pattern Recognition and intelligent System Institute

    E-mail: fengweixing@hrbeu.edu.cn

    Research fields: Pattern Recognition and intelligent algorithm,Biometrics,Bioinformatics


    Fu Mingyu

    Sea Assembly and Control Technology Institute

    E-mail: fumingyu@hrbeu.edu.cn

    Research fields: Ship dynamic positioning technology, Hovercraft integrated driving technology


    Gao Wei

    Marine Navigation Equipment Institute


    Research fields: Fiber Optic Gyro and SINS technology, Inertial Measurement technology, Marine Integration Navigation technology


    Gao Yanbin

    Measurement & Control Technology and Inertial Navigation Institute


    Research fields: Inertial Navigation technology


    Gao Zhenguo

    Control System Institute


    Research fields: Communication, Computer Network, Information Process


    Hao Yanling

    Marine Navigation Equipment Institute

    E-mail: ylhao@sina.com

    Research fields: Ship navigation technology


    Huang Manlei

    Electrical Engineering Institute

    E-mail: mlhuang51@163.com

    Research fields: Ship Power System, Robust Control Theory and Application


    Huang Weiquan

    Marine Navigation Equipment Institute


    Research fields: Strap down Inertial Navigation System, Integrated Navigation System, Stabilized Platform Control System


    Jin Hongzhang

    Control system Institute


    Research fields: Control system theory and design, Ship control


    Li guangchun

    Measurement & Control Technology and Inertial Navigation Institute


    Research fields: Modeling/simulating and design of control systems; inertial measurement unit, north-seeking technology, detection and control of magnetic suspension.


    Li Jin

    Biomedical Engineering Institute


    Research fields: Image Processing, Virtual Reality, Pattern Recognition, Biological Information 


    Li Xuyou

    Measurement & Control Technology and Inertial Navigation Institute


    Research fields: Fiber Optical Gyro, Fiber Optical Gyro Strap down Navigation System


    Liang Lihua

    Control System Institute

    E-mail: jy98lwgy@public.hr.hl.cn

    Research fields: Ship motion control, advanced ship stabilization technology, High speed vessel ride control, Hydraulic servo system technology


    Lin Xiaogong

    Sea Assembly and Control Technology Institute

    E-mail: linxiaogong@hrbeu.edu.cn

    Research fields: Ship control technology, dynamic positioning, technology, information detection technology


    Liu Fanming

    Marine Navigation Equipment Institute


    Research fields: Underwater Navigation and Position Technology Passive Position Technology, Measurement and Control Technology of Industrial Equipments


    Liu Sheng

    Automation Engineering Institute

    E-mail: liu.sch@vip.163.com

    Research fields: Control of ship's navigation and attitude, robust control system theory and application, optimal estimation of stochastic system


    Lu Zhizhong

    Navigation Instrument and Device Institute


    Research fields: Ocean Wave and Surface Wind Parameter Calculating with Navigation Radar Image Signal, Motion Modeling and Parameter Recognizing of Underwater Vehicle


    Lu Jun

    Robotics and Intelligent Control Institute


    Research fields: Robot, Compute vision, Intelligent Control


    Lv Shuping

    Marine Navigation and Control Experiment Teaching Center


    Research fields: Pattern Recognition and Intelligent Algorithm, Image Processing, Signal Processing, Systems Engineering


    Luo Yaohua

    Electrical Engineering Institute


    Research fields: Power conversion technology, Power quality control technology.


    Meng Hao

    Robotics and Intelligent Control Institute


    Research fields: Machine perception and intelligent control, High speed underwater vehicle motion control technology


    Mo Hongwei

    Pattern Recognition and intelligent Systems Institute

    E-mail: honwei2004@126.com

    Research fields: Artificial Intelligence and Pattern Recognition, Unmanned Vehicle Systems, Robot and Intelligence System, Nature Inspired Computing and Applications, Machine Learning and Data Mining, Artificial Immune System and Immunoinformatics


    Peng Xiuyan

    System Engineering Institute


    Research fields: Stochastic estimation and control, ship movement prediction and control, complex system modeling and prediction research


    Qian Huaming

    Marine Navigation Equipment Institute


    Research fields: Integrated navigation technology, Automation of navigation system, Intelligent fault diagnosis and tolerant, Sensor technology and intelligent system, Intelligent navigation system and data redundancy technology, Faintness signal checking and information processing technology, Computer control technology


    Ru Changhai

    Pattern Recognition and intelligent Systems Institute

    E-mail: rchhai@yahoo.com.cn

    Research fields: Automation in biological micromanipulation, technology, Nanometer technology


    Shi Xiaocheng

    Sea Assembly and Control Technology Institute

    E-mail: shixiaocheng@hrbeu.edu.cn

    Research fields: Ship Dynamic Positioning Technology, Unmanned Underwater Vehicle Technology


    Shi Zhen

    Detection, Guidance and Control Technology Institute


    Main research fields: Control, Guidance and Simulation of Aircraft, Strap down Inertial navigation Technology of Aircraft;


    Sun Feng

    Marine Vehicle Navigation Equipment Institute

    Research fields: Ship's inertial navigation technology, Platform inertial navigation technology


    Sun Hua

    Measurement & Control Technology and Inertial Navigation Institute

    E-mail: sunhua@hrbeu.edu.cn

    Research fields: Robot navigation and positioning technology, Remote operated robot technology


    Wang Hongjian

    Sea Assembly and Control Technology Institute


    Research fields: Autonomous Control of Unmanned Underwater Vehicle, Robot and Intelligent Control, System Integration and Simulation, Dynamic Positioning in Marine Engineering


    Wang Kejun

    Pattern Recognition and intelligent Systems Institute

    E-mail: wangkejun@hrbeu.edu.cn

    Research fields: Biological feature recognition and intelligent monitoring technology, Bioinformatics computing


    Wang Wei

    Marine Navigation Equipment Institute


    Research fields: Fiber Optic Gyroscope, Strap down inertial navigation, Radar Signal Processing, Satellite navigation


    Wang Zongyi

    Pattern Recognition and intelligent Systems Institute


    Research fields: Computer Vision, Intelligent Industrial Robot


    Xia Guoqing

    Sea Assembly and Control Technology Institute


    Research fields: Complex System Modeling and Simulation; Intelligent Control; Marine Vehicle Dynamic Positioning System; Nuclear Power Plant Control


    Xu Dingjie

    Marine Navigation Equipment Institute


    Research fields: Satellite, Radio Navigation Technology


    Yan Baozhong

    Marine Navigation Equipment Institute

    E-mail: heuybz@126.com

    Research fields: Integrated Navigation, Computer Control, Embedded Systems, Communications and Information Processing Technology


    Yan Zheping

    Sea Assembly and Control Technology Institute

    E-mail: yanzheping@hrbeu.edu.cn

    Research fields: Unmanned Undersea Vehicles and System Technology, Data Fusion Concepts and Applications


    Yao Xuliang

    Electrical Engineering Institute


    Research fields: DC-DC Converter technology, Soft-switching technique, Underwater Integrated Motor Propulsion technology


    Ye Xiufen

    Pattern Recognition and Intelligent Systems Institute


    Research fields: Virtual Reality, Digital image processing, Autonomous underwater vehicle


    Yu Xiuping

    Detection, Guidance and Control Technology Institute


    Research fields: Guidance and Control of Aircraft;Control Theory and Application;



    Marine Navigation Equipment Institute

    E-mail: yuangannan@163.com

    Research fields: Integrated navigation system, Automatic navigation technology


    Zhang Like

    Robotics and Intelligent Control Institute

    E-mail: zlkzlk8833@yahoo.com.cn

    Research fields: Theories and application of advanced control technology, Robot and intelligent control technology


    Zhao Lin

    Marine Navigation Equipment Institute


    Research fields: Inertial Navigation, GNSS and Information Fusion Technology.


    Zhou Weidong

    Marine Navigation Equipment Institute


    Research fields: integrated navigation, information fusion


    Zhu Qidan

    Robotics and Intelligent Control Institute

    E-mail: zhuqidan@126.com

    Research fields: Robotics, Machine perception and intelligent decision technology



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