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    Recruitment Information for 2013


    Harbin Engineering University (HEU) is located in Harbin. The city issituated in the north of China and is also called the 'Ice City'. The city of Harbin is on the banks of the beautiful Songhua River.

    HEU was selected in the first batch of universities totake part in the '211 project'. Only universities with the highest standards indifferent categories (technical, scientific and human resources) were invited. The university also took part in the project of National Advantage Discipline Innovation Platform.

    HEU also has the designation of National Key University graduate school. It is an important personnel training and research base for shipbuilding, naval equipment, marine engineering and nuclear power applications.This has led to the nickname 'Three sea, one nuclear' base.  

    One of HEU's originating schools, the Chinese People's Liberation Army Military School of Engineering (Harbin Military) was founded in 1953. General CHEN Geng served as the first president and political commissar of Harbin Military. Later Harbin Institute of Marine Engineering was built based at the samesite in 1970. It was renamed as Harbin Engineering University in 1994. It is an affiliated university to China's Ministry of Industry and Information Technology.  

    The school covers an area of 1.26 million squaremeters, the constructed floor space being 970,000 square meters. There are 3,199 existing staff, including 8 academicians of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and members of Chinese Academy of Engineering. There are also 298 doctoral supervisors, and nearly 876 associate and full professors.  

    We have 24,000 full-time students, including more than 8,000 graduate students and over 800 foreign students. HEU was one of the first selected recipients of the "Outstanding Engineer's Education Training Program" among colleges and universities. We have been listed in "21st Century's Army Plans Talents" by the Ministry of Education and General Political Department of China. It is the only school involved in selecting and training naval reserve officers in the northeast. Now HEU has become China's important personnel training and scientific research base for China's "three sea, one nuclear". We have set up extensive exchange and cooperation programs with more than 100 universities world wide and research institutions in more than 20 countries including Russian, USAUK, Germany and JapanKorea, and Australia.

    In the new century, the school will adhere to the "three sea, one nuclear" strategy. We will accelerate the transformation and upgrading of the school. HEU strides forward to be a high level research university with distinctive characteristics. Here we invite specialists from home and abroad to work for HEU.

    I. Recruiting Subjects

    Design and Construction of Naval Architecture and Ocean Structure

    Marine Engine Engineering

    Business Administration

    Harbor Coastal and Offshore Engineering

    Control Science and Engineering

    Public Management

    Fluid Mechanics

    Underwater Acoustics Engineering


    General and Fundamental Mechanics

    Computer Science and Technology

    Foreign Linguistic sand Applied Linguistics

    Civil Engineering

    Mechanical Engineering


    Aviation and Aerospace Science and Technology

    Information and Communication Engineering

    Nuclear Science and Technology

    Engineering Mechanics

    Electronic and Information Science and Technology

    Physical education and training

    Power Engineering and Engineering Thermophysics

    Management Science and Engineering

    Marxist Theory

    II. Specialists introduction policies

    1. Member of Chinese Academy of Sciences, academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering, famous overseas, domestic and foreign experts and professors

    Provide 500,000 RMB of family allowance for full-time staff.

    Provide housingor give a one off amount for housing benefit

    Provide research initiation and discipline construction supporting fees of not less than 5 million RMB for science and engineering subjects and over 2 million RMB for humanities and social sciences management subjects.

    Provide working assistants, give the necessary power of promoting or demoting staff and personal distribution and evaluation.

    2. Entrants of 'National One Thousand Plan'; Distinguished Professors in Cheung Kong Scholars; National Outstanding Youth Fund recipients; 'Ten MillionTalents Project' first level candidates; chief scientists of Key National Natural Science Fund Project or '973' Project; academic leaders of the National Natural Science Foundation research group; leaders of Ministry of Education innovation team; leaders of National Defense Science and Technology Innovation; panel members of '863' and '973'; masters award teaching in national higher education and other significant academic level.

    Provide 400,000 RMB of family allowance as well as enjoying the state's or relevant departments' support policy.

    Provide housingor give a one off amount for housing benefit

    Provide research initiation and discipline construction supporting fees of not less than 3 million RMB forscience and engineering subjects and not less than 1 million RMB forhumanities, social sciences and management subjects.

    Annually, send some experts abroad forshort-term investigation and research.

    3. Has been included in the Ministry of Education list of' New Century Excellent Talents'; selected to support the 'Ten Million Talent Project' at the second level; distinguished professor of Longjiang scholars; masters award teaching at the provincial level or University's Young Teacher's Award and other significant academic level.  

    Provide 300,000 RMB of family allowance

    Provide housingor give a one off amount for housing benefit

    Provide research initiation and discipline construction supporting fees of not less than1 million RMB for science and engineering subject and more than 300,000 RMB for humanities, social sciences and management subject.

    Annually, send some experts abroad for short-term investigation and research

    4. Outstanding teachers who holds a PHD at high level overseas universities

    Provide 100,000 RMB of family allowance

    Provide atemporary housing, or a certain amount of rent subsidy

    Provide a certain amount of housing subsidy when buying a house

    For outstanding specialists, especially those urgently required by the school, we will give exceptional living expenses support provided via a special policy.

    Please see HEU home page: http://www.hrbeu.edu.cn or human resources office of HEU website http://hr.hrbeu.edu.cnto acquire details of relevant hiring subjects,recruitment conditions and responsibilities.

    III. The materials supplied by theapplicant

    1.Resume, personal statement, research ambitions and expectations of the job

    2.Original and photocopied professional qualifications or certificates of specialty

    3.Original and photocopied scientific achievements, proof materials of dissertation

    4.Personal contact address, postal code and email

    Contact information:

    LI Ping                    TAN Sichao

    TEL:0451-82519965         Tel/Fax:0451-82589527

    Communication Address:

    Human Resources Office, Harbin EngineeringUniversity, 145 Nantong street, Nangang district, Harbin.

    Post code:150001


    Harbin Engineering University (HEU) is Waiting for Your Join!

    HEU is located at the Coast of Songhua River in Harbin, a famous city with beautiful scenery in the northeastern ofChina. Harbin, known as "Moscow of the East" and the "Paris of the orient", with the naturally picturesque sightseeing and four clear seasons, is the cradle of the culture of ice and snow all over the world. It is famous for the skating, ice lamp art, winter swimming, snow sculpture, as well as ice and snow recreation.

    Founded in 1953, the predecessor of HEU is PLA Military Engineering Institute. Harbin Engineering  University covers an area of about 1,261,000 square meters; the construction area is about 790,000 square meters. The school now has about 3160 teaching and administrative staff. Among them, there are 9 academicians of Chinese  Engineering Academy, 298 doctoral advisors and 876 professors and associate professors. There are around 24,000 students who are registered to have full-time courses. Nowadays Harbin Engineering  University has been developed to the largest base of talent training and scientific research in the fields of national shipping industry, ocean exploration and nuclear application.

    We invite over 30 foreign language experts every year and they all have enjoyed a wonderful time here. Now I would like to invite you to work in this excellent university and share happiness with us.

    Job 1. Emloy English and French Language Teachers

    Job 2. Employ Specialized Foreign Teachers

    Job 3. English Journal Editor

    Job 1. Emloy English and French Language Teachers


    English and French native speakers, be healthy and aged from 25 to 55the age limitation can be extended for the distinguished.

    Has a bachelor degree (or above) or experience as lecturer (or above). Need to have experience of related language teaching for more than 1 year, and have TESL, TESOL, TEFL or related teaching certificate;

    English major preferred

    Has strong spirits of team work, dedication and diligence, as well as ability of organization and management;

    Working time should be more than one semester. 

    Job 2. Employ Specialized Foreign Teachers


    Has a master degree (or above) or experience as lecturer (or above)be healthy, under 59 years old. The age limitation can be extended for the distinguished

    Be engaged in teaching or research for more than three years;

    Be able to teach core courses in fluent English;

    Be capable of teaching at least one specialized course with original English edition textbooks;

    Has strong spirits of team work, dedication and diligence, as well as abilities in organization and management;

    Working time should be more than 3 months per year during your employment period. 

    Job 3. English Journal Editor

    The main work is to correct the English articles at Periodical Publishing Department of Harbin Engineering University. Working hours are 20 hours from Monday to Friday. Enjoy university holidays.


    English native speakers, be healthy and aged from 25 to 55, the age limitation can be extended for the distinguished.

    Has a bachelor degree (or above) or experience as lecturer (or above). It is better to have the related experience.

    Has strong spirits of team work, dedication and diligence, as well as ability of organization and management;

    English Editing Experience Preferred.

    Application Documents

    A personal CV, including the applicants' reasons to applying for the job, what makes you qualified for such a position and what can you offer to the university;

    The original copy and a duplication of your diploma and the certificate of professional technology position;

    No Criminal Record from passport holding country.

    The applicant's telephone, address, post code and e-mail.

    Benefits(By RMB)

    Salary to be negotiated in person

    A return flight ticket is provided with one year contract;;

    A well-furnished apartment is provided;

    Medical insurance, and foreign teacher group accident insurance are provided during the employment period;

    Residence Permit issue at Harbin during the employment period at HEU.

    Contact us:

    If interested, please reply by email with your contact information and a resume or C.V. as an attachment. For more information, please contact Vicky at:

    International Office
    Harbin Engineering  University
    Tel: +86-451-82568267
    Fax: +86-451-82530010

    Homepage: http://www.hrbeu.edu.cn

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