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    Industrial Training Center


    Discipline and Direction of Development

    1. Mechanical Inertia Energy Storage Technology Research and Application

    Through theory analysis of rotor dynamics of a large volume flywheel energy storage system and studies of multidisciplinary design technology of Mechanics, Electronics, Magnetism, Control, Materials, etc., the system of integrated design technology and the system of inhibition design technology's overall objective characteristics are researched under the core condition of rotor dynamics. This process is able to solve key issues of mechanical inertia energy storage technology in new energy fields.

    Main Research Contents:

    1) Integrated Technology Research of Magnetic Suspension Flywheel Energy Storage System

    2) Research of High Speed and Large Torque Motor-Generator Using Magnet Structure

    3)Dynamics characteristic analysis of Magnetic Suspension Flywheel Rotor System

    4)Structure Design and Related Properties of Soft Composites Flywheel Rotors.

    2. Institute of Metal Forming Research

    The Institute of Metal Forming Research is affiliated with the Engineering Training Centre of Harbin Engineering University. The Institute of Metal Forming Research focuses on design and development of novel metal materials including high temperature alloy, shape memory alloy, titanium alloy, microscopic structure and mechanical properties of metal materials, plastic deformation of metal materials, precision casting of metal materials and plastic bonding of metal materials. The Institute of Metal Forming Research is engaged in two items concerning the National Natural Scientific Foundation of China and has issued over sixty scientific papers, where over thirty papers were indexed by SCI and over forty papers were indexed by EI. Furthermore, the Institute of Metal Forming Research applied for over ten invention patents and compiled two scientific books.

    3.Institute of Industrial Training Curriculum and Teaching Research

    The Institute of Industrial Training Curriculum and Teaching Research aims at promoting the quality of industrial training curriculum, centers on the instruction of outstanding engineers, explores the education law in industrial training curriculum, and devotes its resources to provide theory and solutions for teaching design and management of industrial training curriculum. The Institute of Industrial Training Curriculum and Teaching Research is engaged in two items concerning the Society Scientific Foundation of China's Ministry of Education, has published over forty papers and six textbooks, and had accomplished 7 items concerning the Heilongjiang province education reform projects.


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