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    Underwater Acoustic Engineering


    Electronic and Information Science and Technology (Undergraduate Program)

    Training Aim: The aim of this Program is to build up solid mathematical basis and specialty knowledge, good practice capability, innovative consciousness, social adaptive ability and team work spirit. They should be able to be engaged in researching, teaching, developing, product designing and managing work in electronic information science and technology, computer science and technology, relevant fields and administrative departments.
    Training Requirements: Students of this Program mainly study basic theories of electronic information science and technology, accept training of scientific experiment and thinking; undertake training of basic theories and experimental skills in mathematics and physics.

    The students of this Program are expected to have the following knowledge and abilities:

    1. Possessing solid basic theoretic and knowledge of mathematics and physics;

    2. Mastering basic theories and skills of electronic science and technology, computer science and technology;

    3. Possessing good experimental skills and initial professional research ability;

    4. Knowing general knowledge of close specialties, possessing basic capability of interdisciplinary research and development;

    5. Mastering the basic methods of document retrieval and literature search, keep abreast of current theory and developing trends of electronic science and techonology.

    Key Disciplines: Electronic Science and Technology, Computer Science and Technology

    Core Classes: Fundamental Acoustics and Vibration, Underwater Acoustics, Electronic Circuit Analysis Principle, Electronic Circuit, Signal and System, Digital Signal Processing, Random Signal Analysis, Electric Dynamics

    Program Period: Four years

    Degree to be awarded: Bachelor of Science

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