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    International Office

    1. Director: Liu Zhiqiang

    Tel: 0451-82519213

    Fax: 0451-82530010

    E-Mail:  liuzhiqiang@hrbeu.edu.cn

    2. Deputy Director General: Chi Miao

    Tel: 0451-82568288

    Fax: 0451-82530010

    E-Mail: chimiao@hrbeu.edu.cn

    3. Niu Tongli

    Job: International cooperation project

    Tel: 0451-82518267

    Fax: 0451-82530010

    E-Mail: yinbin@hrbeu.edu.cn

    4. Huang Jin

    Job: The passport on business management

    Tel: 0451-82518413

    Fax: 0451-82530010

    E-Mail: huangjin49@126.com

    5. Wang Jing

    Job: Student recruitment

    Tel: 0451-82568266

    Fax: 0451-82530010

    6. Yin Hua

    Job: Student recruitment

    Tel: 0451-82568266,82568218

    Fax: 0451-82568267

    E-Mail: yinhua@hrbeu.edu.cn or rebekka_yin@hotmail.com

    7. Chen Dianchun

    Job: overall work of office

    Tel: 0451-82568267

    Fax: 0451-82530010

    E-Mail: 96403011@163.com or cdc1977cn@sina.com

    8. Qian Guangyan

    Jobs: Conference,jobs and short-term foreign experts affairs

    Tel: 0451-82568267

    E-Mail: wailiu@126.com

    9. Zhang Lei

    Job: The recruitment and management of long-term foreign teachers

    Tel: 0451-82568267

    Fax: 0451-82568267

    E-Mail: zhang-lei@hrbeu.edu.cn



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