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    Living on Campus


    Campus Stores:



    Opening Hours

    Zhuxue Department Store

    In the west part of the library

    9:00 - 21:40

    Supermarkets Outside of Campus:



    Opening Hours

    Bus Routes

    (from campus)


    No.168, Xianfeng Rd.

    8:00 - 22:00

    No.5, 13, 26


    Bld 104, Yongping Residential Community, Dongzhi Rd.

    9:00 - 22:00

    No.4, 19, 70, 79, 92, 205

    RT - MART

    No.406, Xuanhua Str.

    8:30 - 22:00


    Soldier Service Center

    near Jungong Gate



    Shopping Malls:



    Liansheng Underground Shopping Mall

    Zhaolin Str., Daoli Dist.

    Renhe Underground Shopping Mall

    Dongdazhi Str., Nangang Dist.

    Nangang National Shopping Mall

    Dongdazhi Str.

    Hongbo Underground Shopping Mall

    Hongjun Str., Nangang Dist.

    Harbin Central Shopping Mall

    No.100, Zhongyang Str., Daoli Dist.

    Yuanda Shopping Center

    No.18, Rongshi Str., Nangang Dist.

    Songlei Trade Mansion

    No.331, Dongdazhi Str., Nangang Dist.

    Harbin Dashang Shopping Mall

    No.118, Shitoudao Str., Daoli Dist.

    Jintaiyang Sofia Up-market Center

    No.128, Diduan Str., Daoli Dist.

    Jinjie Underground Shopping Mall

    Fendou Rd, Nangang Dist.

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