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    Teaching Laboratories

    1. National Electrical and Electronic Experimental Teaching Demonstration Center

    2. National Physics Experimental Teaching Demonstration Center

    3. National Engineering Training Center

    4. National Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering Experimental Teaching Demonstration Center

    5. Provincial Mechanics Experimental Teaching Demonstration Center

    6. Provincial Power and Energy Engineering Experimental Teaching Demonstration Center

    7. Provincial Control Engineering Experimental Teaching Demonstration Center

    8. Provincial Computer Experimental Teaching Demonstration Center

    9. Provincial Mechanical Engineering Experimental Teaching Demonstration Center

    10. Provincial Economicsand Management Experimental Teaching Demonstration Center

    11. Acoustics Engineering Experimental Teaching Center

    12. Nuclear Science and Technology Experimental Teaching Center

    13. Electrical Engineering Experimental Teaching Center

    14. Construction Engineering Teaching Center

    15. Material Experimental Teaching Center

    16. Chemistry Experimental Teaching Center

    17. Math Experimental Teaching Center

    18. Multimedia Language Experimental Teaching Center

    19. Humanities and Social Sciences Experimental Teaching Center

    20. International Cooperation Education Experimental Teaching Center

    21. Electrical and Electronic Technology Innovation Center

    22. Engineering Training Technology Innovation Center

    23. Automation Technology Innovation Center

    24. Computer Technology Innovation Center

    25. Electrical Technology Innovation Center

    26. Aerospace and Architectural Design Applying Innovating Center

    27. Water Acoustic Technology Innovation Center

    28. Light of Science and Technology Innovation Center

    29. Nuclear Science and Technology Innovation Center

    30. Ship Design Technology Innovation Center

    31. Green Energyand Power Technology Innovation Center

    32. Management and Entrepreneurial Skills Innovation Center

    33. Chemical Technology Innovation Center

    34. Race Training and Innovation Center of Humanities

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