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    HEU "Sings" the Voice of China at the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA)

    Recently, HEU successfully participated in IAEA's International Coordinated Research Plan. The Plan mainly studies "uncertainty analysis of High Temperature Gas-cooled Reactor Calculation Model". The young teacher Hao Chen from the College of Nuclear Science and Technology has been selected as the principal investigator of the Plan. 

    Since IAEA's International Coordinated Research Plan "uncertainty analysis on High Temperature Gas-cooled Reactor Calculation Model" was implemented in 2009, HEU was the second university selected to participate in this program following only Tsinghua University. That means HEU possesses the qualification and ability to "sing" the voice of China at the international advanced platform.

    Admitted by the international nuclear power field, the Pebble-bed High Temperature Gas-cooled Reactor has the safest reactor core, possesses inherent safety features, and is one of the fourth generation of advanced nuclear power system technology candidate reactor types. To quickly develop the High Temperature Gas-cooled Reactor, high fidelity physical models and effective and precise calculation programs are needed. The models and programs can fully verify the design and safety parameters. "Uncertainty and sensibility analysis" is the indispensable part in the reactor simulation program verification process. From the beginning of his PhD project "Uncertainty Analysis on Pebble-bed High Temperature Gas-cooled Reactor Calculation" Teacher Hao Chen from the College of Nuclear Science and Technology did research in this field and firstly established the overall analysis framework for it. The framework provided the method and foundation for the later uncertainty analysis on score-wide calculation. These achievements and subsequent research all supported the development of the International Coordinated Research Plan.

    "HEU, having been selected in the IAEA's International Coordinated Research Plan, means HEU can express its own viewpoints on the advanced nuclear power research platform. At the same time, the participation in the plan can help make HEU realize resource sharing and communication and cooperation with advanced countries. Our research results can be evaluated by international authorities in the first place and this will further promote our scientific and research work. The most important thing is the research methods and resources obtained in the program can better serve the technological development of digital reactor." said Hao Chen. 

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