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    Zhang Yi First Female Alumna in China to Become Independent Main Aquanaut Driver

      Local time on March 16th, JiaoLongHao manned submersible finished 8th dive of 38th voyage (138th diving in total) in Wo Can No1 hydrothermal area in the Northwest India ocean, newly discovering 7 active hydrothermal vents, and obtaining one hydrothermal water sample( 8 liters in total).

       ZhangYi, getting her MA from HEU in 2014, majored in Ship Building and Ocean Engineering, hosted the post of main driving in this voyage, consequently, she becomes the first independent main female aquanaut driver in China.

       According to another aquanaut, Fu Wentao, this voyage made observation near the seabed within the path scope of 200 meters at the landing point, taking a lot of video data, and continuing to provide practice for trainees as main drivers. The trainee of this voyage is female aquanaut ZhangYi , thus making her the first female aquanaut as main independent driver in China.

      At the beginning of the navigation, when approaching the seabed ,ZhangYi encountered a hillside, and then she climbed uphill and downhill continually. Hydrothermal area with lines of chimney. The complex terrain brought more tests for ZhangYi , thus she had to be alert and observant during the voyage. Meanwhile, she had to notice the situation outside the three observation windows, and avoid colliding  with the sonar etc real--time data. During the voyage, FuWentao reminded her of the distance between the submersible and the seabed, and helped her improve her skills for going through the chimneys. Zhang Yi said that through this actual operation, her state of mind for driving was stable. It takes great patience and perseverance to work attentively at the seabed for hours. In a submarine operation, the standard that female and male aquanauts have to achieve is no different. 

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