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     80 Students of HEU Win Gong Xin Innovation and Entrepreneurship Scholarship

      On March 28th, the first "Gong Xin Innovation and  Entrepreneurship Scholarship" commendation meeting of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and subordinate universities innovation entrepreneurship education achievements exhibition was held at Beihang University. Miao Wei, Party Secretary and Minster of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, attended the meeting and encouraged college students to become a new force for "innovation and entrepreneurship". A total of 80 students from HEU won the 2016 annual scholarship. Among the winners was Ye Tian gui,  a 2012 doctoral student from College of power and energy.

     Minster Miao Wei stressed that carrying out the "public entrepreneurship and mass innovation" extensive and in-depth, is a major measure of the Party Central Committee, the State Council, to implement the innovation-driven development strategy. To promote the reform of the University 'innovation and entrepreneurship education, firstly, they will raise awareness and pay more attention to the  innovation reform and entrepreneurship. Secondly, they will continue to deepen the reform of subordinate colleges and constantly improve the quality of innovative talents.  Miao Wei hoped that college students will bravely be in the forefront and become a new force of innovation and entrepreneurship. Meanwhile, college students should not be arrogant and impatient---struggling to move forward---but instead should be down to earth, pursuing  excellence; never forget their initial determination, carrying their cause forward and forging ahead into the future.

      At the commendation  meeting,with the theme "Dream of Innovation, Dream of Entrepreneurship, Dream of China---let youth glister in innovation and entrepreneurship", Miao Wei handed out awards to the special award-winning students. Ye Gui yong texted and thanked his tutor/professor as soon as the meeting concluded. Ye said, "in my youth years engaged in academic and research, it is you that used inculcation to inspire me not to forget my initial determination to move forward. It is you that profoundly helped me academically to get through one roadblock after another. It is you that used your high degree of academic vision to lead me to continue to climb each new scientific research peak. It is your meticulous care that gives me warmth and strength during my hard academic life. In my time of being honored, I want to say that you have worked hard! In the followings days, I will follow your instructions to be a person who is serious about scientific research and useful to society."

       Before the meeting, Miao Wei, accompanied by the directors of the respective colleges and universities visited the subordinate universities' exhibition of innovation and entrepreneurship education achievements.

      Liu Xiao long, doctor in the College of automation since 2016, introduced his research --- "Guidance System in Minimally Invasive Plasty". Miao Wei had great interest in his work and posed the question, "In the past, we set a fracture, relying on the experience of the old Chinese medicine to set the bone. From which aspects did the innovations and applications of this system work?" Liu Xiaolong answered, "This system can provide a three-dimensional image of complex fractures, more convenient for doctors to make accurate judgments, reducing  surgical errors.  Additionally, in surgery, it will not produce any harmful radiation damage to the human body." Liu Xiaolong introduced the characteristics and advantages of the system to Miao Wei and then Miao thought highly of his work.

      Wang Xianbin, doctor of the Science Institute since 2014 and director of HEU's "E WEI robot innovation team", introduced  the autonomous underwater vehicle "Ao ming"  that was independently developed by his team. Miao Wei listened to the introduction of the work carefully, and put forward his views on the application and achievements transformation in terms of underwater robots

         When Miao Wei knew the fact that the "E WEI robot innovation team" won the award for the "Deng Xiao ping science and technology innovation team" and  had achieved excellent result in Robosub international underwater robot competition, Miao Wei praised "AoMing", calling him "a veteran in battle ," and then encouraged everybody to make persistent efforts to strive for world championships as soon as possible .

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