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    Vice-Minister CHEN Zhaoxiong, Visits and Investigates HEU

    On June 23, 2017, the Vice-Minister of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the People's Republic of China, CHEN Zhaoxiong, visited and investigated HEU. 13 relevant directors from Department of Planning, Department of Finance, Department of Science and Technology, Middle and Small-Sized Enterprises Bureau, Department of Equipment Manufacturing Industry, Department of the Combination of Military and Civilian, Department of Informatization and Software Service, Department of the Personnel Education, Logistics Service Bureau etc. visited HEU with Vice-Minister CHEN. Leaders of HEU including the president of HEU, YAO Yu, and the party secretary of HEU, GU Huanmin, accompanied Vice-Minister CHEN to investigate HEU.

    Vice-Minister CHEN and his subordinates came to the Harbin Military Industry Memorial first and visited six exhibition halls including the school's history exhibition, architecture revivification, experts and scientific research achievements, and commemoration and spread under the lead of the narrator. A museum can reflect the rich history of a school as well as numerous true and moving stories. When knowing many trailblazing achievements of the republic such as the first experimental submarine in China, the first hydrofoil craft in China, and the first ship borne computer during the period of Harbin Military Industry University, Vice-Minister CHEN spoke highly of the great achievements that old revolutionaries of Harbin Military Industry University made for the Chinese national defense and the cultivation of military technology experts. After reading the class notes of students during the period of Harbin Military Industry University and looking over the historical evolution of Harbin Military Industry University, Vice-Minister CHEN said that such organized class notes could show the high standard of the students' education in Harbin Military Industry University. Although Harbin Military Industry University, the primogenitor of Chinese higher military technology education, has become the history, the spirit of Harbin Military Industry University and the successors of Harbin Military Industry University are all over China. The successors of Harbin Military Industry University are still making contributions to national defense and scientific research.


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