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    Party Chief WANG Zhaoli inspected HEU

      On July 14, 2017, Standing Committee of Heilongjiang Province member and Party Chief of the city, WANG Zhaoli, and a delegation inspected HEU.

      Party Chief WANG and the delegation inspected the Underwater Acoustic Technology Lab, the Technology of Marine Power in the Research Centre of the Ministry of Education, and the Underwater Intelligent Robot Technology Lab.


      After the inspection, Party Chief WANG and the delegation met at the VIP room in Qihang Activity Center. School officers, GU Huanmin, YAO Yu, GAO Wanxin, and XIA Guihua, attended the meeting.

      HEU board chairman, GU Huanmin, hosted the meeting. He said that HEU will hold firmly to the values of scientific education resources in HEU, and implement the requirement of the "Double First-rate" plan, the industrialization of high-end technology, and the university students' innovative undertaking step by step. He also said that we should view the new development concepts as a guide while taking advantages of our discipline and gradually improving the quality of cultivating talents as well as scientific innovation ability. We could be more devoted to the resurgence and prosperity of Heilongjiang Province.

      President YAO Yu of HEU expressed his thanks to the delegation for their concern for HEU. He then introduced HEU's development and construction, including HEU's basic information, features and advantages, military and civilian integration, and the commercialization of research findings. He proposed three pieces of advice for the Harbin Municipal Committee of the CPC and Harbin Municipal People's Government. First, the government should establish a cooperative network for universities and enterprises in Harbin, which would stimulate the interactivity of scientific innovation and economic growth, and strengthening support by issuing new policies and establishing an incentive mechanism. Second, the government should strengthen support for new talents, thus attracting more talented people by issuing new policies as well as exploring new methods. Third, the government should bring HEU's revolution and development into the city construction and social development plan of Harbin. HEU is trying its best to promote its cooperative construction which should be made by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the People's Republic of China, Heilongjiang Province and Harbin city. 

      Party Chief WANG then delivered a speech. He said that the strength of Harbin's technology is bolstered by universities and research centers in Harbin. During the process of industrialization of high-end technology, universities like HEU have been greatly dedicated, and there could be more potential for government to dig in. Through this inspection, he could feel the steady pace of HEU's commercialization of research findings and its substantial results, and it is inspiring to see the transformation of teachers' and students' thoughts on the school's administration system and the commercialization of research findings. He thinks that HEU has an adequate technology foundation and broad market prospect, and the supports by national policies and provincial government are propitious to the industrialization of research findings. He believes that HEU can make full use of its advantages and give service to the national economy. 


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