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    HEU Will Cooperate with Beijing Great Wall Electronic Equipment Co., Ltd, China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation

    On July 18, 2017, HEU and the Beijing Great Wall Electronic Equipment Co., Ltd, CSIC signed the strategic cooperation agreement in HEU's conference room of the College of Underwater Acoustic Engineering. In the spirit of "complementing each other with advantages, sharing benefits and risks, and progressing together," they reached the consensus on areas including the cooperation between scientific research and industrialization, joint training talents, and personnel and technical exchanges. YAN Rujian, HEU's assistant president, and ZHANG He, chairman of the Beijing Company, attended the signing ceremony.


    Mr. Yan welcomed Mr. He and his team. Mr. Yan briefly introduced HEU's history, development, current situation and the comprehensive reform during the "13th Five-Year Plan". He said that after more than 60 years of development, HEU has formed the schooling strategy of "shipbuilding, marine corps equipment, ocean development and nuclear industry," and HEU is an important base for talents training and scientific research in this field for China. Since the "13th Five-Year Plan", aiming at building a "Double First-Rate" university, HEU has been concurring more than 20 key development directions, laying the construction of four subject groups including marine information, and actively exploring collaborative innovation with enterprise in a more vivid, higher and deeper level. The purpose of this is for HEU to better integrate into the development of marine information electronic equipment, thus showing its industry characteristics. Yan hopes that signing a strategic cooperation agreement will be an opportunity for them to establish closer cooperation mechanisms in aspects such as scientific research, joint training talents, and human resources sharing, so they can make greater contributions toward the marine power strategy by deeper integration, strengthened synergies and common development.


    Mr. Zhang appreciates HEU for training and supplying the company with personnel for many years. He said that the company and the school have a strong long-term relationship of cooperation, and he hopes that signing the agreement will strengthen their synergy in scientific research-especially the transformation of technological achievements - so they can cooperate effectively in production, learning, and research. In joint training talents and sharing human resources, a long-term, continuous and stable cooperation mode should be established, to achieve normalization, regularization and automation. He said that there is huge cooperative potential in the area of marine information electronic equipment, and he  hopes that they can strengthen their cooperation in personnel training, increase the intensity of school-enterprise cooperation, and cultivate more talents for the industry.


    Related officials of the Beijing Great Wall Electronic Equipment Co., Ltd., HEU's College of Scientific Research institutes, and HEU's College of Underwater Acoustic Engineering attended the ceremony.

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