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    HEU Becomes the First Consigned Cultivation Unit of Chinese Government-Sponsored Atomic Energy Scholarship

    Recently, the Department of International Cooperation and Exchanges, Ministry of Education published the Notice on Consigning Harbin Engineering University to Undertake the Program of Chinese Government-Sponsored Atomic Energy Scholarship. Thus, HEU has been officially approved to be the only consigned cultivation university of the Chinese Government-Sponsored Atomic Energy Scholarship in the first batch.

    This program is set up jointly by the Ministry of Education and the State Administration of Science, Technology and Industry for National Defense (China Atomic Energy Authority). The missions of the program are cooperating with the national strategy of the Belt and Road Initiative and the "going global" strategy of Chinese the nuclear industry, cultivating strategy talents and human resources demanded by the atomic energy field, and raising the international status and influence of China's nuclear power technology. In accordance with the standard of the Chinese Government-Sponsored Full Scholarship, HEU will begin enrolling 40 talented participants who will  focus on nuclear power and study for master's or doctorate degrees in China from 2018 each year. Those enrolled by HEU shall come from countries along the Belt and Road and the targeted export countries of Chinese nuclear industry.

    The features of this program are that it uses the platform of international organizations to enroll foreign students and uses the cultivation model of educating talents in relevant industries. The Chinese Government-Sponsored Atomic Energy Scholarship will further enrich the types of Chinese government-sponsored scholarships. Becoming the consigned cultivation unit of this program, HEU will enhance its professionalism and efficiency in cultivating foreign talents, strengthen the school-running characteristic of "Three Seas and One Nuclear", improve the quality and scale of foreign student cultivation, raise its international awareness of relevant disciplines, and increase China's influence and discourse in international nuclear affairs.



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