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    Board Chairman of CSSC DONG Qiang and His Subordinates Investigate HEU

    On July 21, 2017, board chairman of the China State Shipbuilding Corporation (CSSC) DONG Qiang, and his subordinates investigated HEU. Vice manger and party member of CSSC, SUN Wei, the general manager assistant of CSSC, XU Miao, and leaders of HEU, including GU Huanmin, YAO Yu, XIA Guihua, ZHANG Zhijian, HAN Duanfeng and Assistant Principal YAN Rujian participated in this investigation.

    Board Chairman DONG and his subordinates visited the Harbin Military Industry Memorial, the Key Underwater Robots Laboratory for National Defense, the Key Underwater Acoustic Technology Laboratory for National Defense, the Key Laboratory of Advanced Marine Power Technology, and the Key Laboratory of Nuclear Security and Simulation Technology for National Defense, and they held a symposium at the VIP meeting room of the Qihang activity center.

    GU Huanmin said in his speech that HEU and CSSC keep frequent and efficient cooperation. Both sides have cooperated comprehensively in talents cultivation, scientific cooperation, recourse sharing, technology communication and industrialization of research results - particularly since the signing of a strategic cooperation framework agreement in 2013. Many outstanding students of HEU  have become the backbone employees of CSSC. Many outstanding achievements of mutual cooperation meet the demands of the country and promote the development of marine industry. Shipbuilding and oceanography engineering is the leading discipline of HEU's three marine industries and one nuclear industry, completely covering the design and construction of naval architecture and ocean structure, marine engineering and underwater acoustic engineering. HEU's subject level of shipbuilding and oceanography engineering takes first place at home, and its relevant subjects have prominent marine features and form a systematic set. In the construction of "Double First-rate", Gu hopes that HEU can promote the development of relevant subjects to make them advance and lead the academic frontiers of the world. HEU needs to develop wider and deeper cooperation with CSSC, increase the quality of talents cultivation and scientific development, strengthen both sides' overall cooperation on a new journey and promote the economic and social development - especially the development of the Chinese shipbuilding industry.


    Board Chairman DONG said in the speech that HEU is one of the universities that  first established a strategic collaboration relationship with CSSC. Both sides have effectively cooperated in the research, design and industrialization of areas including ships, marine engineering, power and electromechanical engineering. Consensus and cooperation, especially in areas including military boats and ships, intelligent ships, marine equipment in the polar region, self-brand power, and  intelligent manufacture, promote mutual development and the development of the shipbuilding industry. Now, the development of international maritime transportation faces great challenges and opportunities. Looking at the shipbuilding industry, the demand for marine equipment due to international trade and ocean resources exploration cannot have fundamental changes, innovation and reform represented by green, economy, safe and intelligent technology are deeply affecting the future development of the shipbuilding industry and the shipbuilding industry will usher in a new era of adjustment, reform and innovative development. Transformation and upgrading and innovative development of the Chinese shipbuilding industry cannot be separated from the collaborative innovation of industry-university-research. CSSC actively establishes efficient, open and synergic innovation network with HEU and hopes that both sides can further their cooperation, strengthen their communication, explore new cooperation orientation, strengthen their comprehensive strategic partnership of cooperation and achieve win-win development.

    YAO Yu hosted the symposium. He said in his speech that strategic positioning of the cooperation between CSSC and HEU should face national strategies including the state's overall security concept, military and civilian integration, and maritime power  directly. He said that the cooperation should focus on both current development and long-term development in the future, be based on the discipline superiority of HEU,  and establish new cooperation mechanisms and communication platforms. They should also take the opportunity to cooperate closely to promote the enforcement of military and civilian integration strategies and maritime power strategies, give full play to core strengths and functions of meeting national major strategic demands and  the demands of the shipbuilding industry in order to promote the development of shipbuilding industry. HAN Duanfeng reported on four aspects of HEU's situation, advantageous basic scientific research, cooperation, and the prospect of future cooperation, between HEU and CSSC in the symposium.

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