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    An Inspectorate from the State Council of China Investigates Harbin Marine Innovative Ecological Park

    On July 20, 2017, an inspectorate of innovation and entrepreneurship consisting of MA Yingjie, the vice-minister of Research Department of Innovation Development, PENG Li from the Development Research Center of the State Council of the People's Republic of China and Deputy Director of Budget Office, and others from the Department of Finance and the Ministry of Education of the People's Republic of China visited Harbin Marine Innovative Ecological Park. They especially focused their investigation on the building of the ecological environment of innovation and entrepreneurship, inspiring the innovation of the researchers and letting innovation lead and motivate enterprises. Deputy party secretary of HEU, XIA Guihua, accompanied them.

    The inspectorate visited some of the newly-established firms on the spot, including Jeecal Technology Corporation, Harbin Ship Power Technology Corporation, North Rice Corporation and Harbin Special Ship Design Corporation. They also listened to the reports on corporate equity mode, product feature and the current development situation, and investigated the policy implementation situations arousing the enthusiasm of researchers and motivating teachers to start a business.

    Deputy Party Secretary XIA introduced the overall situation of HEU's innovation and entrepreneurship, and expressed thanks to the strong government support during the park's development.

    Vice-Minister MA spoke highly of HEU's achievements on innovation and entrepreneurship as well as the implementation of the motivating measures. First, taking advantages of Harbin Marine Innovative Ecological Park, HEU established Jeecal Technology Corporation, created a "B2B" in-store business mode using the concept of "Internet Plus" and provided experience to help physical stores solve their problems. Second, HEU turned scientific and technological achievements into successful innovative opportunities, which provided references for the business. Third, the clear authorization of patents and explicit path for intangible assets investment has solved the problems in rights and liabilities, motivation and credit during the initial period.

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