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    Nuclear Energy Science and Engineering Team Selected for the 2016 New Provincial Leading Talent Echelon

    Recently, the Department of Human Resources and Social Security  of Heilongjiang Province announced the 2016 annual new provincial leading talent echelon list. Nuclear Energy Science and Engineering Team of HEU was selected. Professor Zhang Zhijian served as the academic leader, and Professor Peng Minjun was selected as the backup leader.

    To further promote the construction of high-level personnel, Heilongjiang province implemented provincial leading talent echelon - "535 project," that is, they use five years, three levels to build five world-class, 30 domestic first-class and 500 provincial first-class leader talent echelon. Leading talent echelon is based on academic achievements, technical leaders, back-up leaders and third-tier members as the core, with other key members to supplement. They rely on disciplines, professional composition of the echelon to become a scientific research and innovation team with the old and young together.

    At present, HEU has "Ship and Marine Structure Design and Manufacture," "Power Mechanic and Engineering," "Navigation, Guidance and Control," "Underwater Acoustic," "Optical Engineering," "Nuclear Energy Science and Engineering": six provincial leader talent echelon.

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