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    2017 Freshmen Opening Ceremony and Military Training Mobilization Meeting

    On August 28, 2017, the opening ceremony and Military Training Mobilization Meeting for the 2017 freshmen was held in the north stadium. Officers of HEU including YAO Yu, GAO Wanxin, YANG Ye, YAO Limin, WU Linzhi, the president's assistant, YAN Rujian, political commissar of the military training team, LI Aijun, from the Second Detachment of the Armed Police Contingent in Heilongjiang Province, political instructor, ZHAO Yongqing, and the director of the Selection and Training Office of the Navy in HEU, LI Ruting, attended the opening ceremony. Deputy party secretary, XIA Guihua, presided over the ceremony.

    After the solemn flag-raising ceremony, a representative of the freshmen, REN Jiaxing, from College of Nuclear Science and Technology spoke in the ceremony. He expressed his willingness to inherit and carry forward the spirit of the PLA Military Institute of Engineering, to be careful and creative and to become the pioneer who is cultured and brilliant with ambitions and goals.

    A representative of the teachers from the College of Shipbuilding Engineering, DUAN Wenyang, also spoke in the ceremony. He expressed his hope that all the students will have a strong body, develop a sense of responsibility, and have a deep knowledge and passion for science. He said students should also be honest and take action in order to make contributions to our country.

    President YAO congratulated the freshmen on behalf of HEU. He hopes that students will adapt to the new identity as university students, improve their overall qualities, develop passion and good reading habits and pursue high academic levels. He said students should be young, brave and ambitious, and gradually equip themselves in the process of rejuvenating the Chinese nation.

    After the ceremony, the military training mobilization meeting was held. The political Commissar of the military training group and deputy party secretary, XIA Guihu, presented the flag to the military training group and delivered a speech. He said that the military training is a significant  part of the process of carrying forward the good tradition of the PLA Military Institute of Engineering and cultivate qualified undergraduates. He hopes that students will develop a sense of unity and collective honor, build up self confidence, face challenges and create top-grade levels, learn good military and political qualities and wills, and form good habits of having regular schedules and good discipline in order to maintain a wonderful university life from the beginning.

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