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    Brief Introduction:
      Harbin Engineering University (HEU) sits at the scenic Songhua River in the ice city of Harbin in Northeast China. Subordinate to the Commission of Science, Technology and Industry for National Defense, HEU is a national key university of glorious history and fine traditions. It was selected to be among the first batch of "211 Project" universities that are entitled to enjoy first priority from the state in construction and development and also one of the universities that have a Graduate School. Moreover, HEU is an important base for talent cultivation and scientific research in the fields of ship industry, marine equipment, marine engineering and nuclear application. HEU encourages students to uphold and carry forward the legacy of the older generation of revolutionaries who advocate "the military spirit" of the original Harbin Institute of Military Engineering. This spirit is condensed to the school motto "academic excellence-pursuit of truth" and forms the core school values: loyalty, fortitude, solidarity, creativity.
      In coming five years, HEU will continue to build her distinctive position in the nation's development strategy, to adhere to innovative teaching, and to implement the school's transformation into a high-level research university. Furthermore, the university will seek to construct innovative platforms, upgrading the talent training vigorously as the basis, and in the process enhancing the overall level of its engineering discipline construction. Additionally, HEU plans to implement high-level talent cultivation as the keystone while molding practice and enlightenment from output as the turning point and upgrading the university's internationalization strategies. HEU seeks to implement the national 'Twelfth Five-Year Guideline' vigorously, at the same time enhancing the quality and level of training significantly. Contribution to the scientific research field is another important goal as HEU exercises a greater influence on academic circles and the social service. The university will attempt to enhance the first-degree subjects and reach the advanced intensive subject standard, and in so doing improve its rank as a national graduate university. HEU will exploit her innovation platforms to develop an advanced standard, and to form a premier research university.
      By 2020, HEU plans to practically establish a distinctive and highly developed research university and ensure a focus on shipping industry, ocean exploration and nuclear application which will become the university's distinctive brand, allowing it to become an influential training base for talent in these fields. HEU desires to be known as one of the most important sources of technology transfer, and an important national industrialization, information technology and national modernized construction support provider.
    Strategy Plan
      To implement the transformation and upgrading process vigorously, and further research university development.
    1.To implement the transformation and upgrading of faculty construction engineering, and enhance the number and level of leading talent.
    2.To implement the transformation and upgrading of discipline construction engineering, and enhance the overall level and strength of the various disciplines.
    3.To implement the transformation and upgrading of talent training, and enhance the quality and level of elite training.
    4.To implement the transformation and upgrading of science and technology development, and enhance the level of technological innovation and social services capacity.
    5.To implement the transformation and upgrading of the university's internationalization, and enhance the depth and breadth of international exchange and cooperation.
    To promote reform and innovation vigorously, and inject new impetus for creating research universities.
    1.To inject the new power of concept guides for the new leap of scientific development, by innovating the concept of development.
    2.To inject the new power of system drive for the new leap of scientific development, by innovating the overall system and mechanism.
    3.To inject the new power of cultural self-control for the new leap of scientific development, by innovating the culture of university.
    To optimize running conditions fully, and build a harmonious campus.
    1.To aim at creating a 'Centennial campus', while constructing a garden-like campus.
    2.To aim at improving the quality of the service for the central tasks.
    3.To enhance the awareness of school-running cost, and build a saving campus.
    4.To create a more lively and freely democratic atmosphere.
    5.To improve the teachers and students' sense of satisfaction and happiness.
    6.To create a more stable and orderly atmosphere of work and study, and build a safe campus.
    To strengthen and improve the development of the communist party of China and along with ideological and political work, and safeguard the building of a research campus.
    1.To study and carry out the concept of scientific development, and improve the ideological and political quality of Party members, teachers, students and staff.
    2.To strengthen the administration of the school, and form high-quality leading cadres.
    3.To pay attention to the grassroots and lay a good foundation, while strengthening the construction of the party.
    4.To improve the style of the party, and strengthen the measures against corruption.
    5.To designate power widely, and give impetus to scientific development.

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