Our School Develops a Strategic Cooperation Plan with the "Power Sector" of CSSC

Our School Develops a Strategic Cooperation Plan with the "Power Sector" of CSSC

LIU Zhigang heads a delegation to the Hudong Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd.

China State Shipbuilding Corporation (CSSC) is building a "Power Sector" by integrating existing resources and strengths and working together with Hudong Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd. President LIU Zhigang paid a visit to Hudong Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd. on the 12th of April. Chairman ZHANG Haisen, general manager QIAN Deying, deputy general manager GU Jitong, and deputy director of the Technology Center LI Dabao met with the delegation headed by LIU Zhigang. Both sides briefly reviewed past cooperation and agreed upon a new comprehensive cooperation strategy.

The "Power Sector" of CSSC consists of a "321" layout. The plan is to set up "three centers," including the R&D Center (CSSC Power Research Institute), the marketing center, and the global service center; to establish "two bases," including the Shanghai Industrial Base and Zhenjiang Industrial Base( CSSC Power Corporation); and to organize "one supporting base," counting on the Anqing Diesel Engine Plant. The "Power Sector", as an organic whole, will serve as the flagship of Chinese maritime power and achieve the highest level of development, production, and service through its system and management innovation. It also aims to meet the needs of national defense and strives to become the main supplier of naval equipment.

Under the agreement, both sides will start cooperation in scientific research, R&D, training new professionals, independent brand product development, and other aspects. Our school will serve as the center for both basic and key research as well as the development of core components. According to mission requirements, our school will serve as the lead unit and organize the other colleges and universities in cooperation.

Recently, both sides have been completing part-time job listings for the CSSC Power Research Institute, Harbin Engineering University Basic Research Institute, and the employment of technicians. CSSC Power Research Institute has already hired Professor WANG Zhiqiu and ZHANG Wenping to serve as their experts, while our school will list work opportunities at CSSC Power Research Institute at the proper time, and also later establish a technological research center and a talent development center. When listing jobs and the cooperation begins, both sides will sign an agreement on CEEUSRO, and invite relevant leaders of MIIT, the PRC National Defense Science and Technology Industry Bureau, and Chongqing Sea Windpower Equipment Co., Ltd., to attend the ceremony. The Institute will strive to get financial support from the national government as well as the private sector, and hopes to come up with 10 million yuan to support basic research after the funding is in place. Both sides will organize technicians to develop top-level research and product development plans and conduct academic exchanges.

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