A Hundred Hezhe Fish Skin Shaman Totem Masks are Exhibited at HEU

A Hundred Hezhe Fish Skin Shaman Totem Masks are Exhibited at HEU

Pieces of "intangible cultural heritage" are donated to the General Sanwu Cultural Museum



On April 17th, the donation ceremony for a hundred Hezhe fish skin shaman totem masks and an entrepreneurial mentor appointment ceremony was held in the VIP room of the Qi Hang Student Activity Center. Wei Lin, the vice secretary of the school party committee and vice president of HEU, and Zhang Lin, adjunct professor and advocate for "Intangible Cultural Heritage (UNESCO)" fish skin art, together donated a hundred of the masks to the General Sanwu Cultural Museum. Wei Lin issued the title of "Entrepreneurship Mentor for University Students" to Wang Jun, the director of the General Sanwu Cultural Museum and Chairman of the Harbin Sanwu Industry Group, along with a certificate of appointment, nameplate, and school badge. 

In recent years, HEU professor Zhang Lin has used the school's support to lead the students of the Fish Skin Art Association into Hezhen communities several times for study and research. They have created many outstanding pieces; among them, the shaman totem masks serve as an outstanding example. The donated works were on display from the 16th to 20th on the first floor of Qi Hang in the Sunshine Hall. Once the fish skin art exhibit was on display, it attracted many students and teachers to pause for a moment and enjoy some colorful and rich folk art.



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