2014 KAB Entrepreneurship Education Annual Meeting is Held at HEU(ͼ��)

2014 KAB Entrepreneurship Education Annual Meeting is Held at HEU

On April 19th the 2014 KAB Entrepreneurship Education Annual Meeting, which was jointly sponsored by the Central Committee of the Communist Youth League of China, the All-China Youth Federation, the All-China Students' Federation, the United Nations, and the International Labor Organization, was held at Harbin Engineering University. 

Secretary of the CYL Central Committee, FU Zhenbang, president of HEU, LIU Zhigang, and Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of HEU, WEI Lin, attended the meeting. Representatives from the more than 150 Chinese universities involved with the KAB Program discussed and exchanged their opinions related to the annual theme: "Public Welfare, Innovation and Entrepreneurship". 

Since 2005, the KAB Entrepreneurship Education Program for college students has trained teachers in more than 1300 universities, opened basic entrepreneurship courses in more than 1100 universities, and established KAB Entrepreneurship Clubs for college students in 250 universities. More than one billion students have attended the courses, and more than two billion college students have attended the activities for employment and entrepreneurship put on by the KAB Program. 

In his address, LIU Zhigang introduced HEU's historical evolution, plans for entrepreneurship education, and previous achievements in this area. He pointed out that to summarize and predict the development of the KAB Entrepreneurship Education Program and to discuss together the theme of "Public Welfare, Innovation and Entrepreneurship" is extremely relevant to the development of national entrepreneurship education and will have a positive impact on improving the education of students in both HEU and Heilongjiang Province. 

FU Zhenbang spoke highly of the achievements of the KAB Entrepreneurship Education Program. He said that since the KAB Program had already become the standard of domestic entrepreneurship education, we should reform the KAB Education Program for the future and identify the best position for the KAB Program in entrepreneurship services for college students. He further added we should seek to expand its scope, improve its quality, and keep it down to earth. Properly connecting it with other national educational efforts, the fundamental realities of the country, and college student��s entrepreneurship practices should also be a priority, not to mention taking full advantage of the new media possibilities of the internet. 

After the meeting, WEI Lin accompanied FU Zhenbang on visits to the HEU College Student Science and Technology Museum, Student League of Virtual Office, Student Entrepreneurship Business Service Center, etc. 

Other activities took place during the meeting, including the "Entrepreneurship Education College Presidential Forum" and the "Qingnian Henghao Public Welfare Entrepreneurship Forum".




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