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About the Library Card

About the Library Card

1. How to get a librarycard?

The Library Card Center is responsible for library cards. Chinese students should take his or her own photo (3.5cm*2.5cm), student identity card, and 10 RMB to open an account. Overseas students should take his or her own photo (3.5cm*2.5cm), documentation from thecollege, 10 RMB, and 500 RMB deposit which will be returned when they depart.

2. What shall I do if Ilose my library card?

You should go to Library Card Center to report the loss. After that, if you cannot find your card, please make up a new one.

3. How to make up a newcard?

You can apply for a new card in the Library Card Center two weeks after the loss is reported. A photo (3.5cm*2.5cm)and 10 RMB is required.

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