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Behavior in the Library

Behavior in the Library

The library is a place for reading and access to information. To provide you with a comfortable environment, please love your library and follow the library rules:

1. Admission to the library is conditional upon the possession of an university ID Card. The cards are not transferable. Readers must present the University ID Card for inspection if requested by amember of the library staff in the course of their duties.

2. Smoking is not permitted inside the library.

3. Silence shall be maintained as far as possible in the library. Mobile telephones must be set to "silent" mode in the library. The use of mobil telephones is not permitted in any Reading Room or Reading Area.

4. Food and drink shall not be taken into the library generally, but may be admitted for consumption on 1F in the west side-building.

5. Take good care of library materials and facilities such as books, computers, seats and so on. The marking and defacing of any library materials is forbidden.

6. Keep the library clean and tidy. Don't shout or play in the library.

7. Occupying seats in the reading rooms and reading areas with personal belongings is strictly forbidden. Readers should take care of personal belongings; library staffs are not responsible for the loss.

8. Library staff is empowered to stop any activity in the library which they consider prejudicial to the safety, well-being, or security of readers or library staff or to the preservation of the collections.

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