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About the Library

About the  Library

The Harbin Engineering  University Library was founded in 1953. The present building was built in 1990.  It has 11174 square meters and holds 1200 reading seats.

Harbin Engineering  University Library's collection emphasizes Science and Engineering, especially  in the shipping industry, ocean exploration and nuclear application, and also  covers broad subjects of humanities, social science and management.

The number of literature  volumes collected in Harbin Engineering University Library is 3.1 million,  including 1.6 million printed books, 0.66 million e-books, more than 2300 kinds  of periodicals and 40 databases which includes 17 foreign full-text databases,  13 Chinese full-text databases and 0.42 million kinds of e-periodicals. Foreign  databases include IEL, ACM, EBSCO, EI, and Elsevier. Chinese databases include  CNKI, VIP information, and Wanfang data. E-book databases include Kingbook,  Apabi ebook, and Superstar ebook. Inaddition, the library has collected  audio-visual materials and miniature materials.

Harbin Engineering  University Library adopted the Integrated Library Automation System to realize  automation of library business and official administration and networking of  stored literature information retrieval.

Harbin Engineering  University Library always perseveres in People First, Reader First and  Service above Everything. The Library people dedicate themselves to business  innovation, service innovation and administration innovation. They  uninterruptedly improve service, raise the administrative level and promote  competition at information time.With the support from the university, the  library will construct a digital library whose topics are shipping industry,  ocean exploration and nuclear application as an opportunity to speed up the  construction of digitization, network and informationization and try to realize  the goal of being collecting, inquiry and learning center of characteristic  literature about shipping industry, ocean exploration and nuclear application as  an opportunity in the future.

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