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Technology Initiatives


1.Submersible and Underwater RobotTechnology

Since directing the design of China's first experimental submarine, HEU has participated and independently completed a number of small, manned submarines, along with the design and manufacturing of intelligent underwater robots which are mainly used for submergence rescue, torpedo sinking salvage, marine detection, marine geologic exploration and marine physical research. A series of landmark achievements have been made at HEU in the field of submersible and underwater robot technology, leading the direction of scientific research in this field in China and laying a solid foundation to improve the nation's underwater unmanned battle capability and deep-sea detectability.

2.Ship Design and ManufacturingTechnology

The university has a strong technical reserve in ship design and manufacturing technology, with two ship design institutes (Heilongjiang Waterway Planning and Design Institute and Dalian Shipbuilding Engineering Technology Research Center).HEU has formed distinctive technical features and holds the industry-leadingposition in general ship technology, ship virtual design technology, shipbuilding (control) simulation systems, new ship-type development, marine engineering design and calculating techniques, and ship CNC machining equipment development. A number of significant achievements have been made in the area of independent intellectual property rights as well as in container ships, bulk carriers, heavy floating cranes, engineering ships, FPSO (Floating ProductionStorage Offloading), marine engineering platforms and other ship designs.

3.Shipping Anti-rolling Technology

Since beginning to study shipping anti-rolling technology in the 1960s, the school has successively developed a series of NJ3, NJ4, NJ5 fin stabilizers,anti-rolling tanks, and pitch reducing attachments equipped with frigates,hunting submarines, frontier boats, and customs cruisers, efficiently improvingthe ship airworthiness, which is typical military-civil technology.

In recent years, on the basis of the existing researches, HEU has made developments on anti-rolling technology such as the new generation of finstabilizer systems and ship navigation/integrated rolling robust control systems.The university is striving for further achievements in this field.

4.Ship Control Device and SystemTechnology

Over the years, HEU, with the help of its dominant disciplines, has participated inseveral major domestic scientific projects in the area of ship control deviceand technology. The school has completed the first set of boat-used dynamic positioning systems and the first set of integrated driving control systems forhigh-speed hovercrafts. A large amount of knowledge has been accumulated from scientific research on the control science, and several innovation teams have been formed at the same time.

5.Ship Power Technology

Under the development of the shipbuilding industry in China, HEU takes full advantage of its dominant disciplines and talent, relying on special research projects in Vehicle and Vessel Dynamics and Damping and Noise-Reduction in connection with COSTIND(Commission of Science Technology and Industry for Nation Defense) and the National Natural Science Foundation. Positive cooperation also takes place with several large-scale research institutes and factories. Remarkable results have been achieved  in the fields of integrated electronic control systems of diesel engines, submarine damping and noise-reducing technology, sequential supercharging technology, runoff-type turbine design and intake filtration technology, which take many domestic technologies to the advanced level at home and abroad.

6.Underwater Acoustic Technology

Under water acoustic engineering is a dominant discipline at HEU, ranking first in thecountry. Its scientific and technological innovation ability takes a prominent place in the field of domestic underwater acoustics. The achievements in the area of underwater remote target detection and the communication navigation by underwater acoustic positioning represent the national standard. In recent years, with the special support of National Program 863 (which is also calledthe High-tech Research Development Program carried out by Deng Xiaoping in March 1986), the National Defense 973 Program (which is also known as the National Basic Research Program instituted in March 1997) and the prediction research of exploration, the school has made significant breakthroughs in the innovation of key technologies and has also made outstanding contributions to the development of acoustic technology in the areas of vector hydrophone technology, new torpedo trajectory measurement, noise measurement of quietsubmarines, underwater small target detection and land acoustic detection ofremote targets.

7.Navigation Technology

Since the early 1980s, HEU has conducted research on navigation system technology andto provide weapon systems with accurate and real-time navigation positioninformation which greatly improves the attack accuracy and fully guarantees thesafety of navigation and the military competence of the operation. Thistechnology is applied into multiple types of naval battleships (which includesurface ships, conventional submarines and nuclear submarines), and is extendedto the Air Force and other armed services, playing an important role in thedevelopment of domestic weapon navigation systems.

8.Guidance Technology

Since the 1970s, the university has focused on missile seeking technology. Varioustypes of seeker prototypes have been developed, and a number of problems have been solved concerning key theories and technical bottlenecks. As a result, HEU provides the army with high-precision positioning devices, driving the discipline development of its precision guidance technology.

9. The explosion and shock resistance of warships

HEU has been engaged in research on warship underwater explosion as well as the explosion and shock resistance of warships. Moreover, HEU directedand completed a state natural sciences fund anda Ministry of Science and Technology support program, together with key defense advance research and other research projects totaling more than 30sections. In addition, the achievements in scientific research have received 4 provincial and ministerial science or technology awards. Furthermore, HEU has seen about 130 academic papers by its factually published in domestic and foreign coreperiodicals such as the Journalof Science and Vibration, Acta Physica Sinica, Chinese Journal of Theoreticaland Applied Mechanics as well as ShipBuilding of China. Around 60 papers have been quoted by SCI and EI. Apart from this, HEU has 4 published works including Introduction to Wave Motion Theories in Engineering, Gang Kou Jie GouWu Kang Zhen, Ship Vibration and Ship Structural Vibration and Noise.


In the field of broadband digital communications, HEU focuses on spread spectrum communication, software radio technology, smart antenna broadband, and fiberoptic underwater communication technology in the field of broadband digital communications, which reflect the distinctive characteristics of national defense. In the direction of nonlinear signal processing, HEU has undertaken intensive study on optimization theory oflinear digital filters which emphasize morphological filtering and cascading filters, softwareand hardware implementation techniques, research and development of communication cables leaks that could be widely used in many areas such as subways, tunnels, caves, mines, high-speed rail lines, along the highway, a largebody water and underwater vessels, military facilities and other hidden formfields or semi-closed domain space closed mobile communications, has all of which have broad application prospects.

11.Computersoftware and information security technology

HEU is principally engaged in the field of information security technology embedded technology, high trusted computing technology, network architecture, FRID, database and knowledge base software support technology, information modelingand simulation, distributed computing and simulation, network technology,computer vision and hearing, machine intelligence and machine perception,information security research in the field of computer software, and information security technology. Graduate students engaging in basic and applied research have made great achievements in recent years, including 14 projects from the National Natural Science Foundation of China, 4 from the National 863 Program, 3 from the Doctoral Fund of the Ministry of Education, 1industrialization special project of the National Development and Reform Commission, 3 National 242 projects (information security program), 1 National Audit Office Audit Project, and more than 10 Provincial Research Fund projects.The National Audit Office audit of social security network has spread these projects to more than 10 provinces across the country.

12. Nuclear power plant technology

HEU has gained a superior position in various aspects such as nuclear power plant system simulation, safety analysis methods, operational support and other areasof cutting-edge technology. Moreover, HEU undertakes special projects onnational defense; all the research content meetsthe international standard for simulation experiment methods of new design for nuclear power plant technology, as well as in operation and identification of regulations.

HEU pays great attention to the international cooperationwith Japan and the USA. In 2007, HEU successfully bid for the "111 Project" on study of nuclear power plant technology and establishment of the laboratories for majors in national defense construction disciplines. In 2008, the second session of the International Conference on Nuclear Harmony was held at HEU, further expanding HEU's international reputation in the field of nuclear scienceand technology.

13.Photoelectron Technology

In recent years, HEU has increased the investment of basic scientific research and focused on the development of basic disciplines. The university has given strong support to technological fields such as optical limit measurement, light-matterinteraction and micro-nano photoelectron. HEU supports numbers of scientific research programs, cultivates groups of scientific talent, and shoulders many programs that belong to the Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC) and provincialand ministerial levels, leading to fruitful research achievements.

14. The Technology of New EnergyDeployment              

HEU has launched numerous basic research and high-tech key programs on the technology of new energy deployment such as ocean energy and wind energy. Meanwhile, HEU strives to develop international cooperation and has expanded itsresearch range through the establishment of a joint lab with Milan University, Italy, which is approved by the Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST).

15. AdvancedMaterials

HEU has built up an innovation research team covering material science, applied chemistry energy and other fields, which is based on material science and mechanics with a mix of physics, chemistry and other subjects. HEU has reached a series of innovative achievements with the support of the National Natural Science Fund, National Defense 973 Program, National 863 Program, National Support Program and other programs. These research results are applied in shipping, navyequipment, ocean development, nuclear industry, aviation and space as well asnational economy fields.

16. ThePrecaution of Fire Accidents

In the field of precaution against fire accidents, HEU has made constant studies andexplorations. Many fire testing laboratories have been built up in outskirts of Harbin. Every year HEU with Hong Kong Polytechnic and other foreign research institutes conducts cooperative investigation. Presently studies are being carried out on the precaution of ship fires, forest fires and other fireaccidents.

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