Academic Affairs Office

Academic Affairs Office

Academic Affairs Office

Main duties

1.In charge of drafting the school calendar;

2.In charge of transmitting the mission of the undergraduates and drawing up the school timetable;

3.In charge of daily suspending and adjusting classes;

4.In charge of the organization of students' course selection;

5.In charge of the recommendation for the graduate students excused from an     examination;

6.In charge of the organization and management of undergraduates' dual degree   and minor degree.


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Teaching Service Center

Main duties

1.Be responsible for the teachers' qualification examination.

2.Deal with the application about students' educational administration, registration and examination (including application of temporary absence from school, drop   out, reentry, changing majors, demotion, grace period, TEM-4, TEM-6, and the   renovate).

3.Be responsible for all kinds of certifications of learning, studying, grades of      TEM-4 and TEM-6.

4.Be responsible for the students who read through college, master's and doctoral degrees, interschool communication, ranking athletes, students with sports talent, national preppy, free-listen students and extramural studies.

5.Be responsible for the management of undergraduate overseas students.


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The modem education center

Main duties

1.Be responsible for the training of the modern education technology for school    teachers

2.Be responsible for the system management and maintaining of the university's    related teaching application server group

3.Be responsible for the creating, editing and final work.


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The practice teaching management office

Main duties

1.Be responsible for undergraduates' practice teaching and social practical work.  

2.Be responsible for undergraduates' graduation project.

3.Be responsible for the students' innovation planning of experiments, and for the organization and implementation of undergraduates' innovational competition with the school league committee.

4.Be responsible for undergraduates' engineering training.

5.Be responsible for the studying and structure of the practical teaching system.

6.Be responsible for the budget of practice, engineering training and graduation    projection.

7.Coordinating with the Laboratory and asset management to deal with the          construction planning of the lab.


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Student status and examination management office

Main duties

1.Be responsible for the construction and completion of the management of the    student status and examination.

2.Be responsible for the management of undergraduates' student status.

3.Be responsible for the electronic registering of undergraduates student status,    education background and degree.

4.Be responsible for the verification of the graduation and degree and the work of exchanging certification after completing the courses for undergraduate students.

5.Be responsible for the management of undergraduates' academic certificate,      diploma, and transcript and testimonial.

6.Be responsible for the undergraduates' score management.

7.Be responsible for the undergraduates' final exam, supplementary exam,            renovate exam and independent exam.


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Profession operation   office

Main duties

1.Be responsible for the organization and management for the university's            educational reformation, and the development, reporting as well as promotion      of elaborate courses and bi-lingual model courses in the "Quality Project" of the      Ministry of Education in China.

2.Be responsible for the formulation and management for the undergraduates;      personnel cultivating program.

3.Be responsible for the development of teaching teams, personnel training mode  and the relevant work.


Tel: 0086 451 82519853

Comprehensive Office

Main duties

1.In charge of making the budget for the appropriation of the office of academic  affairs, including the expenditure of the appropriation and the management of the official seal.    

2.In charge of managing all kinds of teaching files and data, as well as filling-up  work.

3.In charge of the management and dispatching of official cars.


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