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College Introduction

College Introduction

The College of National Defense Education was established on July 8th, 2008, and is responsible of national defense education and the training of national defense students for the university.

Development Strategy

The College of National Defense Education takes serving national defense as its purpose, meeting the need of the national navy as its orientation, and fundamental and elite education as a basic goal. It is building its own education brand, forming unique characteristics and striving to establish itself as a base for National Defense Education and cradle for new high-quality military talent.

National Defense Education

Harbin Engineering University has been approved as one of the first Pilot Units of College Students Military Training since 1985. Inheriting the fine tradition of the National Institute of Military Engineering and specializing in the shipping industry, ocean exploration and nuclear application, she has established her distinctive work style in military training and regarded excellent military and ideological training as the effective way to meet her personnel training goal.

To raise the awareness of national defense, College of National Defense Education has held a series of activities, such as Navy Day Cultural Building Month and National Defense Education Month. For the excellent performance, HEU was jointly awarded as a National Advanced University of Military Training by the Ministry of Education, General Staff of the PLA and General Political Department in 2001. Besides that, she was jointly awarded as Advanced Unit of the Whole People National Defense Education by Ministry of Education, General Staff of the PLA, General Political Department and National Defense Education Office in 2006 and 2009.

National Defense Students Training

In Sep. 2001, Harbin Engineering University signed an agreement with the People's Liberation Army Navy for jointly training military cadres. Since that time, the College of National Defense Education has been committed to cultivate reliable, capable and innovative military talent.

According to the above training mode, reliable military talents should regard serving national defense as their top commission, the national interest as their highest value, and dedicate themselves to national defense. Capable military talents should specialize in the distinctive majors, such as the shipping industry, ocean exploration and nuclear application, and comprehensively upgrade their other qualities to guarantee the talents demands. Also, innovative military talents should have the awareness of innovation and link up engineering education with economic construction, theory education with engineering practice, and scientific research with social service.

To strengthen the training goal, College of National Defense Education also proposed another more detailed "Five, Three, One" training mode. It requires all National Defense Students to have Five Abilities, (ability of training and commanding, ability of learning and innovating, ability of Organization and coordination, ability of writing and ability of communication), Three Good Qualities (good ideological quality , physical quality and psychological quality) and One Special Skill.

Over the past ten years, the College of National Defense Education has trained and provided more than one thousand outstanding National Defense Students for the country. Many leading cadres, such as vice chairman of CMC Xu Caihou, deputy director of the General Political Department Liu Zhenqi and political commissar of the Navy Hu Yanlin, gave a high evaluation of National Defense Students Training, when they came to HEU to inspect the work.


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