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College Introduction

The Industrial Training Center (ITC) which was established in 2003 is one of the teaching units of Harbin Engineering University and is a primary industrial training base for both undergraduate and postgraduate students.

There are 5 teaching departments in the ITC; they are the Engineering Cognition Teaching Department, Engineering Practice Teaching Department, Engineering Comprehensive Teaching Department, Manufacturing Foundation Teaching Department, and Education Innovation Base. The ITC is always improving the teaching content and methods for industrial practice training and has built up a 3-segment training program including Engineering Cognition Training, Engineering Practice Training and Engineering Comprehensive Training for first year, second year and third year students individually.

The ITC accommodates 1,540 sets of instruments and equipment, including Austria EMCO, CAXA, process-control devices, teaching robots, rapid prototyping machines, three-dimensional testers, CNC, NC milling machines, wire cut electric discharge machines, and EDM machines. The total value reaches 26 million RMB. This equipment covers lathe, fitter, milling, planning, grinder, welding, CNC machining, non-traditional machining and other training fields. The annual admission of students is more than 7,000. 

In recent years, scientific research has been improved with the ITC's development. Research funds reached RMB 9,000,000 by the end of 2010. Based on engineering technology research, with the aid of basic research, the ITC emphasizes the basic scientific research which supports technology and application and drives technology research and equipment development. Many achievements have been made; for example, ship stealth research, forming process and material, education theory and management. In the future, the ITC will focus on development and application of energy storage.


        Industrial Training Center - The National Demonstration Experiment Teaching Center(006)

        Engineering Training program - National Quality Course (007)

        Faculty - National Teaching Team Award(008)

        Education reform projects - First Prize of Heilongjiang Province Teaching chievement Award(007, 2009)


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