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Nuclear Science and Technology


The College of Nuclear Science and Technology was evolved from the Nuclear Power Plant Department established in 1959. Now, the College has Nuclear Power Simulation Research Center, Enhanced Heat-Transfer Research Laboratory, Steam-water Separation Research Laboratory, Two-phase Flow Research Laboratory, the Laboratory of Nuclear Reactor Thermal-hydraulics Characteristics on Ocean Condition, Sodium Loop Laboratory, Radioprotection and Environmental Protection Laboratory and so on. The area of laboratories is about 3,000 m2, and the laboratories own 239 sets of instruments at a total value of more than forty-five million yuan RMB.

After many years' evelopment, the College sets its competence in the field of nuclear power plant, such as nuclear power plant performance, nuclear power plant safety and reliability, nuclear power plant operation and simulation, nuclear power plant control, radioprotection and environment engineering and nuclear power equipment and device. The College has cultivated a lot of excellent professionals for Chinese nuclear power industry. At the same time, a series of scientific achievements have been acquired in the research fields as mentioned above, and obtained many Awards in ministry/commission level and national level. During the '10th Five-year Plan' the College has undertaken 48 relative projects such as national natural fund projects, advanced research projects and nuclear energy developing projects, with supports of various scientific research funds at about eighty million yuan RMB. Furthermore, the College has been awarded with one Technology Progress Award in national level, seven awards of ministry level, and holds three patents. The College is always committed to commercialize itd scientific achievements.

Now the College has set its distinctiveness in the research areas of nuclear power simulation, enhancement heat-transfer technology, two-phase flow pattern research, steam-water separation research etc.

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