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Foreign Languages Department


The Foreign Languages Department encourages faculty members to engage in research in pedagogy and curriculum design, as well as in theoretical studies. Within the last three years, the faculty members have published 6 monographs, 8 translations, over 40 textbooks and reference books, and over 300 hundreds academic journal papers. Meanwhile, they have undertaken 8 Humanities and Social Sciences Projects of the Ministry of Education, over 40 provincial research projects and over 200 other research projects, with the research funding totaling over 1.3 million RMB. The faculty members have also won around 50 awards in academic work, national multimedia courseware, and research projects. For instance, through reforming the traditional teaching modes and exploring new pedagogy, the department has established a series of effective teaching methods for students to meet new challenges in the contemporary society. With these efforts, the department has been taking the lead among provincial universities.

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