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The College's main research directions in mathematics include nonlinear partial differential equations, matrix and algebra theory, graph theory, power system development equations, system analysis and forecasting, inertial navigation, and intelligent identification of fuzzy information analysis. Optics engineering research directions include optical fiber integrated optics, weak vibration detection, biomedical photonics, optical fiber sensing technology, magnetic measurement, laser, infrared and optical signal processing, film and LCD technology, micro-nano optical materials, and metamaterials and large photocurrent.

Since 2008, the college has been responsible for early projects of the national "973" and "863" key defence projects, the New Century Talents support program of the Ministry of Education, international cooperation projects of Ministry of Science and Technology, a key project of national Natural Science Foundation, special astronomical projects of national Natural Science Fund, a special instrument research project of national Natural Science Fund, national Natural Science Foundation projects, youth project of the national Natural Science Foundation, a Tianyuan mathematics fund project of national Natural Science Fund, a doctoral fund from the Ministry of Education, national defence basic scientific research and national defence technology basic research, Heilongjiang province Outstanding Youth Fund, the Natural Science Foundation of Heilongjiang province, Natural Science Foundations of Harbin city, and civilian research. It has accounted for more than one hundred research projects, and research funding is more than ten million RMB each year. The college and many experts from the<?xml:namespace prefix="st1">UK,Italy,Russia,Germany,Japanand other countries keep close cooperative relations and active academic communication. Six items of scientific projects were awarded by Heilongjiang province and other ministries. More than 1000 academic papers have been published in journals and international conferences, and 270 papers have been retrieved by SCI.  More than 150 invention patents have been applied for, and 97 have been authorized.

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