Departments & Programs

Information and Communication Engineering

College Introduction

The College of Information and Communication Engineering offers academic programs leading to the following degrees:

Undergraduate programs: Electronic and Information Engineering, Communication Engineering, Information Countermeasure Technology, and Microelectronics

Graduate programs

Master of Science: Communication and Information Systems, Optical Engineering, Electromagnetic Field and Microwave Technology

Master of Electrical Engineering: Signal and Information Processing, Circuits and Systems

PhD programs: Communication and Information Systems, Signal and Information Processing

Postdoctoral R&D Flow station: Information and Communication Engineering.

International cooperation

The College has supported more than 35 faculty members to be trained abroad or join international research cooperation in the United States, Canada, UKBelgium, Britain, Japan, Australia and Germany. Over 45 members have presented their research achievements on the international conferences around the world. Meanwhile, many foreign experts from USRussia, Switzerland, Japan, Belgium and Germany, have been invited to give presentations in the areas of nonlinear theory, computer graphics, digital signal processing, communication technology and experimental technology.

Innovation oriented

The sense of innovation is always the emphasis in the college's education. The professors encourage their students for all-around development and foster their abilities of innovation and practice. The students are encouraged to compete in the National Undergraduate Electronic Design Contest and National Technological Contest for College Students. Remarkable achievements have been taken by the students including a prize for National Undergraduate Electronic Design and the prize for the National Technological Contest for College Students.

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