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Computer Science and Technology


The College has long undertaken numerous projects, among which several are supported by national funds such as the '863' Project or by the National Natural Science Fund. Some are part of the national defense mandatory projects, provincial or ministry key projects, and many other projects serving national economic construction. The College has won the Award for National Scientific and Technological Progress, 4 awards for National Defense Scientific and Technological Great Achievement, 4 awards for National Scientific and Technological Convention and many prizes issued by province or ministry (over 30 items including first-class, second-class and third-class). In recent years, more than 1,300 papers written by the faculty have been published in domestic and foreign academic publications and over 40 monographs and teaching materials have been printed.

The faculty is also in charge of computer classes of general knowledge for all HEU students. The College attaches extreme importance to educational research and study methodologies. It has won the first award and several second prizes for the teaching achievement at the provincial level. The students' performance in the National Computer Rank Examination consistently leads the province.

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