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Computer Science and Technology

College Introduction

Computer Science and Technology is one of the fastest developing and the most widely applied fields in modern society. It is not only an important achievement within modern science and technology development but also simultaneously drives the continuing advancement of science and technology.

There are 2 undergraduate programs including Computer Science and Technology, and Internet of Things Engineering; 4 master programs including Computer Applied Technology, Computer Software and Theory, Computer Systems Organization, and Software Engineering; 2 doctorate programs including Computer Science and Technology, and Software Engineering; and, additionally, 1 post-doctoral R&D Base of Computer Science and Technology.

The College has already cultivated more than 4,000 undergraduates and over 1,700 post-graduate students, who have worked in the fields of national defense and national economy, and also received praise for to their high achievements. Today there are more than 800 undergraduates and nearly 400 graduates and doctors who are studying and doing research at the College.

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