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Underwater Acoustic Engineering

College Introduction

What is the purpose of underwater acoustic engineering research? Underwater acoustic engineering uses sound waves to survey, locate, navigate, recognize and communicate underwater. It is an engineering subject which integrates physics, electronic technology, information engineering, computer technology, and sensor technology and is widely applied to national defense and national economic construction. A sound wave is the most effective carrier for transmitting information underwater. Now in the 21st century, more emphasis will be put on the development of ocean underwater acoustic engineering technology, which is considered one of the leading technologies in the field of ocean development. Underwater acoustic engineering technology is likely to witness greater challenges and more opportunities in the near future.


There are 2 undergraduate programs including Electronic and Information Engineering (Underwater Acoustics) and Electronic and Information Science and Technology; there are 7 master programs: 1) Underwater Acoustics Engineering, 2) Acoustics, 3) Signal and Information Processing, 4) Communication and Information Systems, 5) Environmental Engineering, 6) Weapon Systems and Utilization Engineering, and 7) Detection, Measuring and Testing Technologies and Instruments; there are 3 doctoral programs: 1)Underwater Acoustic Engineering, 2) Signal and Information Processing, and 3) Communication and Information Systems. In addition, Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering has a Postdoctoral R&D Base. As the earliest teaching and scientific research department in the field of underwater acoustic engineering, this college is unique in that it is recognized as a national key discipline for underwater acoustic engineering, and developed the first batch of doctoral programs and first Postdoctoral R&D Base in China. The unique National Key Laboratory of Underwater Acoustic Technology was established here.


The College owns a huge variety of technically advanced facilities and labs for teaching and scientific research. The National Key Laboratory of Underwater Acoustic Technology has several subsections, such as Center of Underwater Acoustic Information Processing, Sonar System Environmental Lab, Underwater Acoustic Signal Channel Simulating Lab and Gravitational Low Noise Water Tunnel Lab. There are 15 workstations and several hundred personal computers in the labs. Additionally the labs are equipped with a large number of advanced software tools, such as computing software for sound field and vibration, special software for signal processing and modern electronic design automatic software (MATLAB, DATAVIEW, DADISP, ANSYS, IDL, EDA, SYSNOISE, etc). Additionally, the teaching lab for Underwater Acoustic is equipped with advanced measuring instruments and apparatus.

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