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Since 2007, the average scientific funds of the College of Automation have reached 110 million RMB annually, and the total of all scientific funds have reached 550 million RMB. In recent years, the College of Automation has been awarded with 3 national-level scientific prizes and 14 provincial level awards. The College of Automation has undertaken a Key Program of The National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC), 10 General Programs, a Major State Basic Research Development Program of China (937 Program), 3 National High Technology Research and Development Programs of China (863 Program), more than 70 Key Programs of National Defense Project and Pre-research Projects, and 150 Ministry of Provincial Projects. The College of Automation has strong scientific research ability and specialties in shipping and ocean areas. The College of Automation has formed its own characteristics and advantages in technologies and areas such as ship integrated navigation technology, ship anti-rolling control technology, ship dynamic positioning and driving technology, and underwater unmanned operating platforms. The technologies of the College of Automation have reached a top level domestically as well as an advanced level internationally.

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